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Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler: Aerosmith's CRAZY Sexualized Schoolgirls?

Alicia Silverstone Interview  (February 1994)

Karina Longworth narrated on the “90s Lolitas, Volume 1: Drew Barrymore, Amy Fisher and Alicia Silverston” episode of the You Must Remember This podcast (May 15, 2023) that after Aerosmith, the American rock band, “signed a massive new record contract in 1992” and released an album a year later, to appeal to the MTV viewing crowd, “a decision was made to build a video [...] around some younger talent.” Thus, 16-year-old Liv Tyler, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler’s daughter, and 17-year-old Alicia Silverstone were chosen to co-star in the music video for “Crazy” - a single on Get a Grip (1993). 


Here’s Longworth’s recap of the music video for “Crazy”:

[...] “Crazy”, which co-stars Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv. They play catholic school girls who sneak out of class – when Alicia climbs out the window of the building, her skirt lifts up over her black silk lace-trimmed knickers–the kind of underwear that a 90s teenager would only wear in tribute to Courtney Love. [See GIF 1]

They climb into a convertible and rip off their blouses as they drive away, lip syncing to Liv’s dad’s voice all the while. By the time they stop for gas, Alicia has changed into a mini slip dress and Liv into skintight leather pants. 

In the convenience store, the teenage clerk nods his approval as the girls go on a shoplifting spree, and they reward him with a strip of photo booth snaps which, it’s implied, feature them taking off their tops to trade. 

Liv then enters an amateur night contest at a strip club. Performing to her dad’s song, and maybe even doing what is meant to be a physical Steven Tyler impression, she strips off her shirt while Alicia, dressed in a man’s suit, watches lovingly from the audience.

In this scene, and the next when after winning the contest, the girls share a one-bed motel room, they look like lovers. 

[...] in the next scene they lure a hot shirtless male farmer off of his tractor and into their convertible. But at the end of the video the girls get grossed out by the guy and ditch him, dropping off in his field and driving off into the horizon together. 

Thus, the video, which is not based on the lyrics of the song, covered a number of motifs that are related to the theme of the allure of nymphets, which are: the schoolgirl fetish, self-sexualized teen fashion, teens exchanging nudes for goods and/or money, teen sex workers, and teen lipstick lesbianism


Longworth’s recap didn’t mention a number of salacious situations in the music video. For instance, the music video began with an upskirt shot of Alicia as she pulled a widgie out of her “black silk lace-trimmed knickers”. While 16-year-old Liv pumped gas, she seductively shook her derrière in her “skintight leather pants”. Consequently, she literally jumped for joy after she realized that she was being ogled by a middle-aged man. (See GIF 2)


In the gas station’s convenience store, and with the gas attendant’s encouragement, Alicia stole sunglasses and Liv snacks, but like Longworth’s narrated, the nymphet’s didn’t leave the gas attendant empty handed. The schoolgirls gifted him a strip of topless teen photos from the convenience store’s photo booth. (See GIF 3) Of course, teens exchanging nudes for goods and/or money was done before “Crazy” and it’s being done currently, but now it’s done on OnlyFans, Snapchat, and TikTok - to name a few. 


Longworth didn’t mention that before going to the strip club, the schoolgirls got a motel room where 17-year-old Alicia longingly looked upon Liv as Liv donned a silver thong. And as Longworth narrated, Alicia “lovingly” looked upon Liv on the stage as Liv danced, stripped and slid down the stripper’s pole. (See GIF 4)

And after Liv earned the $500 prize, the schoolgirl’s celebrated by wrestling in their pajamas in the motel room’s bed. As Longworth’s narrated, during the motel and strip club scenes, the schoolgirls “look like lovers.” 


Interestingly, there’s a longer director’s cut of the “Crazy” video, which has some notable differences. For instance, Alicia’s schoolgirl skirt doesn’t get caught in the school’s window, but she exits the window in a manner that lets viewers get ample shots of the crotch of her “black silk lace-trimmed knickers”. (See GIF 5)


In the director’s cut, the middle-aged man didn’t only ogle Liv, he simulated performing cunninglingus on the nymphet. (See GIF 6)


And the director's cut showed more of Liv stripping, which included her slowly sliding her hand down her crotch. Consequently, Alicia was so turned on that she visibly wanted to strip too. (See GIF 7)

Longworth went on to narrate that 17-year-old Alicia, “[...] posed for a feature in Interview Magazine (February 1994), wearing a midriff-baring top and panties, and holding a stuffed teddy bear.” Innocently, Alicia shared with Interview that due to her clumsiness, she found it hilarious that men thought she was sexy.  

“When I see myself [...], and people are going, ‘Oh my God,’ thinking I’m sexy, it cracks me up because in real life I’m so clumsy,” she said. 

Alicia Silverstone Rolling Stone (September 7, 1995)

And 18-year-old Alicia posed for a feature in Rolling Stone (September 7, 1995) where the nymphet posed, legs spread, in a pink baby tee and pink frilled panties while, once again, holding a stuffed teddy. 

Liv confirmed with Alex Zalben for the MTV piece “20 Years Of 'Crazy': Liv Tyler Looks Back On The Aerosmith Video That Launched Her Career” (July 2, 2014) that she was in high school when the music video for “Crazy” was filmed. 

"I remember I was in high school when I made it," Tyler recalled, "and I would wake up in the morning for school, put on the MTV countdown. And when the video would come on I'd get so embarrassed, that's when I would get in the shower, I remember that. Wow [...]."

Of course, Steven Tyler's use of his 16-year-old daughter to make money for Aerosmith isn't new either. To the pleasure of a middle-aged man, Liv seductively shook her teen derrière in a pair “skintight leather pants” at the gas pump, for the pleasure of a room filled with men, she shook her teen derrière in a pair of silver thongs at a strip club, and to the pleasure of male music video viewers, Liv was sensuous with Alicia - all with the purpose of getting music video views, which would lead to via album sells and concert ticket sells. 

One could argue that Liv had it better than Demi Moore whom shared in Inside Out, her memoir, that when she was a 15-year-old nymphet, her alcoholic mother paraded her in bars. Unable to resist the allure of a nymphet, an approximately 48-year-old wealthy Greek man paid Demi's mother $500 for sex with the future film star. Subsequently, the man asked Demi, "How does it feel to be whored out [by your mother] for $500?" 

Lastly to Steven Tyler and Aerosmith's pleasure, per the aforementioned MTV piece: “[...] in 1994 (when the video debuted), "Crazy" was one of the most requested videos on MTV [...]” And per Rock on the Net: “The video for "Crazy" is ranked number 23 on VH1's "Top 100 Music Videos of All Time". 

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