Saturday, November 26, 2022

BETCHES 'Let Me Finish': Schoolgirl Role Play Fantasy or Fetish?

On the "Is Role Play His Fantasy Or A Fetish?" episode of the Betches Let Me Finish podcast, Taylor read the last listener email of 2020, which was from a listener who had sex, repeatedly, with "this guy" whom had a schoolgirl role play fantasy or schoolgirl fetish:

Taylor: “Hey sluts: Love the show. I need help. I’m seeing this guy, and he’s really into role play. The first few times we hooked up, he kept asking me if I’d been a bad girl. And I played along. I could tell he was working up the courage to take it a step further; so, the next time we were hooking up and he asked me if I’d been bad, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve been a bad girl. Do you wanna punish me?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, what did you do wrong? Were you caught skipping class?'"

Abby (co-host): “Oh, he wants to do, like, principal?”

Interestingly, the guy's fantasy or fetish is that he's a private school headmaster like Headmaster Steve Muller in Cruel Intentions 2 - not a public school principal. Consequently, his fantasy or fetish includes private schoolgirl uniforms:

Taylor: “It’s at this point that I realize that he’s doing a whole role playing thing. And he wants me to pretend to be a naughty schoolgirl. I’ve never done this before; so, I was a little caught off guard. Long story short, he told me how he was the headmaster and he wanted to spank me for being so bad. Not gonna lie. It was pretty hot. My ass was so red. Fast forward to today and let’s just say this has turned into a whole thing. It’s like, everytime we have sex, it gets freakier and freakier. For the holidays he’s talked about getting me a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, and I feel like there’s no turning back.” 

Abby: “Wow.”

However, the emailer wanted some advice, because, although she liked, "[...] the role play [...] it's starting to feel a little repetitive." 

Before giving the emailer some advice, Abby was non-judgmental, “I mean, if this is what turns him on - that’s what turns him on [...] And she said it was hot.” And Sean, the Senior Director of Podcasts, and Abby opined that the guy's schoolgirl fantasy slash fetish was hot.

Sean: “I mean, I get it. It’s kinda hot.”

Abby: “Yeah, it’s hot. It’s hot.”

After giving some alternative role playing suggestions (e.g., Taskrabbit vs. Tasker), Taylor encouraged the emailer to "just lean into the role", Abby suggested the emailer "get creative girl", and Abby, Taylor and Sean suggested some headmaster\schoolgirl scenarios. 

Abby: “[...] your homework is always wrong. You always cheated. You are an F student.”

Taylor: “Honestly, just lean into the role. We can have character development here.”

Abby: “Honestly, like, get creative girl. We can create a backstory.”

Taylor: “What did you do this time?”

Abby: “What if you’re her [i.e., the schoolgirl] all the time now. He’s like, ‘Hey, wanna go to the movies?’ And you're like, ‘Oh, because I’ve been a good student?’”

Sean: “Hey, I’m gonna go to the grocery store. Do you need anything? Like, ‘I need you to get me a ruler ‘cause I lost mine, and I want you to spank me with it.’”

I have to say, despite the plethora of examples of the allure of schoolgirls in pop culture (e.g., Joshua Gaylor's Hummingbirds [novel], Rachel Weiner's Horse Girls [play], Netflix's Baby  (2019) [series], Stacey Dooley's Young Sex for Sale in Japan (2017) [documentary]), I have to say that I was surprised that Abby and Sean (openly) shared that the schoolgirl fantasy slash fetish was hot. 

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