Saturday, October 1, 2022

Penelope Disick & Carmen Baldwin: Sexualized (Pre) Teens in Lipstick?

Jessica Bennett posted on Page Six that "Kourtney Kardashian faces backlash after daughter Penelope, 10, shares makeup routine (August 27, 2022)

However, the headline is misleading as some viewers opined that the pre-teen applying makeup was "adorable".
Penelope Disick shared her makeup routine on TikTok Friday night, and while some followers found it adorable, many others slammed her mother, Kourtney Kardashian, for allowing her 10-year-old to explore cosmetics at such a young age.

Brenda Campbell even tweeted that one should not be concerned about "a little girls love for makeup". 

One can safely assume that Campbell would condone Carmen, Alec Baldwin's 9-year-old daughter, who wore a dark shade of lipstick in a back-to-school photograph that her mother shared on Instagram. 

And Riley Cardoza posted on Page Six that Carmen actually wore the lipstick to school (i.e., to fourth grade)! Would Campbell approve?

Even (some) fictional moms encourage their nymphets to wear makeup - although not necessarily for likes, followers and/or subscribers. 

In Jessica Knoll's Luckiest Girl Alive, after Ani realized that she was alone with Mr. Larson, her English teacher, her "cheeks blushed underneath the Cover Girl [her] Mom said" she needed. 

And in Joshua Gaylord's Hummingbirds, Liz, a schoolgirl at the Carmine-Casey [UES] School for Girls, was informed by her mom: “This is something you still have to learn about cosmetics. They just cover everything up. A little fresh mascara, some blush, and you’re a new woman. Why don’t you ever let me try it on you? [...]”

And on a related note to one of the overall themes of this blog (i.e., famous age-gap relationships), Nika Shakhnazarova reported for Page Six that "Hilaria Baldwin ‘judged’ couples with big age differences before meeting Alec" (November 9, 2022)

Shakhnazarova wrote that Hilaria assumed that men wanted younger women because they were, "[...] young bimbo[s] with no opinions whatsoever." Wait. Really? That's why she thought men were attracted to (much) younger women? Because they were opinionless?
The mom-of-seven opened up about substantial age differences in relationships, including her 26-year age gap with her 64-year-old husband, Alec Baldwin.

Speaking during the first episode of her brand new podcast “Witches Anonymous,” Hilaria revealed she was often quick to judge couples who weren’t close in age.

“Before I got together with Alec [Baldwin], I would judge women and men that had big age differences,” the Boston-born yoga instructor admitted. “I would look at it like, this older man wants some young bimbo with no opinions whatsoever.”

Then Hilaria went on to say that, until she met Alec, she had been "trained" to think that younger women were simply gold diggers whom couldn't possibly be attracted to older men.

“That younger woman is obviously a gold digger, and she obviously doesn’t even care and is just like whatever, ‘I hope you die, and I’m going to take all your money,'” she added.

“Now that I’m in that relationship and people will say those things about me regularly, I realize, what was this trained into my head?” she said.

“Why was I so judgmental about other people who are literally just finding love? Maybe their love looks different from you and from your love or what I thought love would be but it doesn’t make it not valid.” 

Awww, now Hilaria realizes that age-gap couples are "literally just finding love" just like non-age-gap couples, but would Hilaria go as far as Betsy Karasik whom wrote in her Washington Post op-ed that consensual sex between teachers and students should not be criminalized.

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