Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Famous Age-Gap Couple: Howard Hughes (40) & Teen Jean Peters (19)

Howard Hughes and Jean Peters, by Edward Sorel.

Sam Kashner posted on Air Mail "The Spruce Deuce: Before Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, there was Howard Hughes and Jean Peters" (SEPTEMBER 3, 2022)

We're not sure why Kashner compared Hughes and Peters to Depp and Heard. Clickbait? Especially considering that, as Kashner shared, 40-year-old Hughes and 19-year-old Peters had a Hollywood age-gap relationship. 

Howard Hughes, the 40-year-old, reclusive, and idiosyncratic billionaire first clapped eyes on 19-year-old Jean Peters at a party in Newport Beach over the July Fourth holiday weekend in 1946. Smitten, he invited her to watch him test-run the XF-11 plane he had designed for the air force. It was a helluva first date.

Howard Hughes and Jean Peters

The famous age-gap couple eventually married and remained that way for about 14 years. Kashner wrote that: "Peters would outlive him by 24 years, dying in 2000 without ever publicly uttering a word against her former [much older] husband."

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