Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Daily Mail: From Olivia Rodrigo to Amelia Gray | Famous Age-Gap Crushes and Couples

The Daily Mail is a good source for nympholepsy and celebrity age-gap relationships, but, this week, the tabloid has been particularly prolific. 

For example, Glenn Garner reported: "Olivia Rodrigo, 18, [of High School Musical: The Musical fame] reveals [SNL's] Pete Davidson, 27, is her 'biggest celebrity crush'" (2 March 2021)

Cassie Carpenter posted: "Lucy Hale, 31, [of Pretty Little Liars fame] and [American actor] Skeet Ulrich, 51, have 'fallen hard' for each other despite 20-year age gap" (4 March 2021) 

Heidi Parker shared an update on the Amelia Gray and Scott Disick age-gap affair: "Amelia Gray , 19, calls beau Scott Disick, 37, her 'dream man'" (1 March 2021)

And Garner reported that: "[American singer-songwriter] Don McLean, 75, has 'no plans' to ever break up with girlfriend [model] Paris Dylan, 27, as he talks about their supportive relationship: 'I'm crazy for her'" (2 March 2021)

But not to be undone, Madeleine Aggeler of New York magazine's The Cut posted: "Checking In on Scott Disick and His New Teen Girlfriend" (FEB. 22, 2021)

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