Saturday, March 13, 2021

AwesomenessTV's NEXT INFLUENCER: Teens Thongs, Twerking and Lipstick Lesbians in the Zeitgeist.

Here's the synopsis for Next Influencer from AwesomenessTV's website:
Find out if these [teen] TikTokers have what it takes to become the #ATVNextInfluencer with Alex Warren, only on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel!
In The Know has a better summary of the reality show:
AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer is a reality show that follows the [teen] residents of Project 305, a creator collective in Miami, as they create content together 24/7 and compete in a series of challenges that put their creativity (and personalities) to the test.

The cast features Valeria Arguelles, Nicole (Colie) Nuanez, Owen Holt, Julian Jara, Jovani Jara, Jada Wesley, Gaby Obregon, Raul Encio and Sabrina Quesada.

Whoever has the highest ranking at the end of the show gets an overall contract with AwesomenessTV to take their stardom to the next level.

Clearly, AwesomenessTV decided to take advantage of the allure of nymphets to get views for the Next Influencer and, by doing so, has streamed some raunchy aspects of pop culture that have become an aspect of the teen zeitgeist.

For example, a number of the Next Influencer teen contestants wore (cheeky) thongs, there was a (lipstick) lesbian kiss, and there was a twerking teen.

Not that long ago, twerking was relegated to strip clubs and rap videos, but after Miley Cyrus twerked at the 2013 MTV VMAs, she helped propel (white girl) twerking into the teen zeitgeist and consequently onto the Next Influencer.

And it used to be that one would have to order a Girls Gone Wild DVD to see college coeds kissing, but not anymore. From Netflix to TikTok, one can see that teen lipstick lesbian kissing is a part of pop culture.

Lastly, when Hugh Hefner started Playboy, I can't imagine that he would have imagined that a teen would be wearing a Playboy bikini in a mainstream (reality tv streaming) show.

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