Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Celebrity Age-Gap Couples: Dennis Quaid (65) & Laura Savoie (26) | David Foster (70) & Katherine Foster (35)

We typically profile nymphets, but we cover celebrity age-gap couples even if the young woman isn't a nymphet. Coincidentally, while we were recently perusing the Daily Mail app, we came upon not one but two celebrity age-gap couples.

Justin Enriquez and Annita Katee reported that 65-year-old Dennis Quaid, the star of the new Netflix sitcom Merry Happy Whatever, shared that he will marry 26-year-old Laura Savoie. 

Enriquez and Katee wrote: "The bride-to-be hails from St. Louis, Missouri, and is expected to graduate with her PhD from the University of Texas in Austin in 2021. "

And Bobbie Whiteman reported for the the Daily Mail that 35-year-old Katherine Foster, of American Idol fame, recently celebrated the 70th birthday of her husband, the prodigious music producer David Foster, in Mexico.

Whiteman wrote that Katherine shared on her Instagram that she actually met Foster when she was 22.

David Foster (70) &  Katherine Foster (35)

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