Sunday, November 17, 2019

BIG MOUTH Season 2 | Missy: "A Filthy Little [Pre-Teen] Masturbator"

Season 2 of Big Mouth continues the series' "edgy" motifs where season 1 left off. 

Here are some of the raunchy lines that were spoken among the middle schoolers:
"Is it that you're 46 and she's 13?"

"Your older brothers make you eat cum crackers."
"My mom says that's how I get my nutrients."

"I'm gonna make this little boy's dick so hard!"

"She put a finger in your ass?"

"She's a horny spazz. You should jazz on her."
"Jizz on a spazz. Jazz."

"She's opening her mouth. Put your wiener in."

We'll highlight two motifs from season two: middle school masturbation and an incestuous age-gap relationship.

On episode 8 of season 2, Missy Foreman-Greenwald has a romantic dream about Mr. Fillion, a married man, which causes her to discover the joys of masturbating by using her favorite doll - Mr. Wiggles.

Subsequently, during a sleepover to see the lunar eclipse at Bridgeton Middle School, Missy is caught masturbating with Mr. Wiggles, which causes a classmate to refer to Missy as a "horny spazz". Subsequently, Missy is accused of killing Mr. Wiggles, who was, per The Shame Wizard, "Humped to death by a filthy little masturbator."

The Jansen Twins

And on episode 9 of season 2, Danke, of The Jansen Twins, shared that kissing Nick is, "[...] like for me to kiss my uncle [Bram]." And The Jansen Twins implied that uncle Bram pays them to masturbate.

Interestingly, season 2 of Big Mouth got a whopping 100% critics rating and an above average  81% user rating.

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