Friday, September 13, 2013

THE ADOLESCENT (1979): A Fearless Nymphet's Unrequited Love

The Adolescent (1979) [French: L'adolescente]

In The Adolescent (1979) [French: L'adolescente], after 13-year-old Marie and her parents visit her grandmother in rural France, she falls in love with Alexander, the town's 30-year-old physician, but despite the temptation, Marie's love is unrequited. 

13-year-old Marie: "I love you."
30-year-old Alexander: "You're just a little girl."
Marie: "I'm grown up! You're scared. I'm not scared."

The Adolescents (1979) is similar to Beau-père (1981), but in Beau-père, Rémi (Patrick Dewaere), a 30-year-old pianist, has an affair with Marion (Ariel Besse), his 14-year-old orphaned stepdaughter after she pleads and convinces him that she's,"... a fourteen-year-old woman in perfect working order..." 

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about how Marie and Marion's claims would have been considered true prior to the The Renaissance and the invention of the printing press when there was no distinction between children and adults. And even up until the Great Depression, many teens worked along side adults and weren't sequestered until they matured. 

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