Sunday, September 22, 2013

Famous Ephebophile: Ronald Reagan

Elizabeth Taylor                                 Ronald Reagan                                          Piper Laurie

I previously mentioned in a post that Elizabeth Taylor asserted in the book Elizabeth Taylor: There Is Nothing Like a Dame that when she was 15-years-old she "made out" with 36-year-old Ronald Reagan.

Taylor shared, “Reagan was treating me like a grown woman, and that thrilled me. We sat on his sofa and I could tell he wanted to get it on but he seemed reluctant to make the first move… [so] I became the aggressor.”

Piper Laurie revealed in her book, Learning to Live Out Loud: A Memoir, that five years after Taylor's fling with Reagan, the 41-year-old future president took her 16-year-old virginity.

Laurie wrote that after Reagan invited her to his dressing room and, "[...] flattered her with what she describes as fatherly advice [...] He discreetly took her up the back way to his apartment in the Hollywood Hills, crammed with furniture. He set a small table in the living room, lit candles, served her a glass of wine and cooked her a hamburger steak," before he took her virginity.

However, it appears that Reagan didn't know that Laurie was a virgin, because, "[...] he couldn’t understand why she didn’t have multiple orgasms [...]"

Interestingly, Reagan used some proven seduction techniques on the nymphets. Despite the fact that Taylor was only 15-years-old, he treated her like a woman. And on Piper he used what's called the Authority Frame, which is when the seducer takes on the role of an authority figure (e.g., father, mentor, etc.).

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