Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Nymphet's Unrequited Love for her Ballet Teacher

Collusion: Memoir of a Young Girl and Her Ballet Master is Evan Zimroth's memoir about her unrequited love affair with, F., her middle-aged ballet instructor that began when she was 12-year-old. She wrote,"I wish I could know now, at this moment, whether the relationship was erotic for F., too." 

Not only was F's unrequited love attractive to Evan, but the fact that "... his attention could always be withdrawn, that there was always someone else waiting to claim it - someone younger, thinner, more beautiful ..." caused her to be deeply in love with him.

I can't find my copy of How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35; therefore, I'm going to paraphrase R. Don Steele who reiterated what Evan wrote about her ballet instructor. Steele wrote that an ephebophile's attitude should be that he has the ability to tap into an almost unlimited amount of "young pearls"; thus, he has no need to be needy i.e. too nice, unnecessarily accommodating, etc.

F's aloofness was so strong that Evan wished that F. would have risked going to jail for pedophilia. She wrote, "F. never quite took that risk, although I imagined for years that he might. I wished for it." 

F was unneedy to the point that when he did anything for Evan, which included hitting her with a cane, Evan felt that F. was giving her a gift, which made her want to give him a gift in return. She wrote, "... I felt thoroughly in love with him, as if he had showered me with gifts and I could reciprocate, give him gifts in return..."

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