Sunday, February 24, 2013

PRETTY MAIDS [i.e. High School Girls] in a ROW

I only briefly mentioned Pretty Maids All in a Row in The Allure of Nymphets, because, although I was able to download the movie, I wasn't able to get a (used) copy of the novel until recently.  

Pretty Maids All in a Row is about an extremely charming Ocean Front high school Civics teacher [Rock Hudson] who kept a rotating list of nymphets whom he had sex with in his office. However, once his students became too attached, he killed them.

I wrote in the book about  the rise of anal sex among teens, but I failed to mention in a recent post on the novel Innocents about how the protagonist had anal sex with his high school student; however, I will mention a scene that shocked me on pages 125-132 of Francis Pollini's Pretty Maids All in a Row. 

In the scene, Tiger picked up "fresh, sweet" smelling Rochelle, a 17-year-old junior (The affair started when she was a sophomore), in his car and drove her to a "..nook completely screened from the road..."  Soon after he parked the car he "...glided into her trembling body..." 
"Now My Tiger-" She gasped and said, trembling more and more. 
"Alright, Lovely-" Tiger said, withdrawing his shaft...
"Now Lovely_" She gasped...
"Wow, Lovely-" He told her, making his hand into a fist and easing it between her divine thighs, and upward, slowly, ever, deeper, seeking her, as she groaned, and moaned, trembling violently-
"Yes, YES LOVELY-" She said- His arm was gliding, penetrating, he was almost up to his elbow, he was drenching wet...

That's correct. The high school Civics teacher fisted his 17-year-old student

Tiger, the high school Civics teacher, and his student.

The Novel - Published in 1968

Roger  Vadim, (Controversial) Director of Pretty Maids All in a Row

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