Monday, November 6, 2023

LOOK AWAY (2018): A Sexual Sinister Schoolgirl

Here's IMDb's (brief) synopsis for Look Away (2018):

Maria, an alienated high-school student, has her life turned upside down when she switches places with [Airam] her sinister mirror image.

Let’s begin by elaborating on the fact that 17-year-old Maria was masturbating in her luxurious bathroom when she discovered Airam.

Later in the film, which we saw on Netflix, Airam, in her schoolgirl uniform in her prep school’s classroom, wrote “Smell Me” on a piece of notebook paper, rubbed the note on her vagina, and passed the note to a schoolboy whom obediently followed her orders. 

Subsequently, Airam attempted to seduce Maria’s father. The first attempt happened after Airam showed up, unannounced, to her “father’s” plastic surgery office where she sat on her “father’s” desk, held his face and gave him a long sensuous kiss before she shared, “I missed you.”

Airam’s second attempt as a teen seductress happened when she returned to her “father’s” office and removed her schoolgirl uniform’s top. Despite her "father’s" protest, Airam removed her schoolgirl skirt, removed her panties, and asked her “father”, “Do you think I’m beautiful? 

The daughter-father seduction scenes are interesting - especially when one considers the fact that Airam informed Maria, “I know you. I know your secret desires. Your fears. Who you love. Who you hate. I understand you completely.”

Lastly, and talking about using the allure of [nude] nymphets for streams, 17-year-old Maria and Airam, who were played by India Eisley, a nymphet passing adult, appeared nude in Look Away several times. In addition to the nude daughter-father scene, Assaf Bernstein, the film’s writer and director, filmed Eisley nude while bathing and while having passionate teen sex.

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