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Sydnee Paige's "Dating Up (&Older)": The Best Ways to Date Older Men for Teens 18 & Up

On the "Dating Up (&Older)" episode of Sydnee Paige's Syndee in the Sheets podcast (Feb 3, 2020), Paige spoke about, “The best ways to date out of your age range, and how to check off the boxes for a perfect partner.” Because as Paige shared: 
“When you’re with the right person, age isn’t really a factor - it’s not something you think about or even feel. You’re with the person and not the number.”
However, unsurprisingly, this podcast is littered with contradictions. Initially, Paige said that older men date younger women because: 
  • Older men like the power imbalance 
  • Older men feel that younger women "are deserving of less commitment"
  • Older men feel "entitled to younger women"
Which one is it? It is all three? Does it depend on the man? #rhetoricalquestion Then, seemingly contradicting the power imbalance theory, Paige gave three reasons men date younger:
  • Older men feel that younger women have more "value"
  • Older men are typically obsessed with younger women
  • Older men are typically invested in the pleasure of younger women
Paige said:
"From my experience [...] these men don't date younger because women their own age won't, they date younger, because they like the power imbalance. They don't want to date women their own age [...] For a lot of these [older] men they feel that they are entitled to younger women. They have this insanely fucked up idea that younger women have more value."

"Dating older is not this glamorous thing. There can be glamorous moments, but it's quite literally like regular dating but with a huge power imbalance."

“They’re seeking out younger girls, because they feel like they owe them less. They’re picking you, because they think that you are deserving of less commitment.”

“You deserve a meaningful commitment, and you should not have to settle for less.”

“I think that the other problem with dating older men when you’re younger, especially when you’re female identifying, is that you do become the target of obsession super easily.”

However, it appears that the beginning and the very end of the episode, where Paige dissuaded nymphets under 18 from having age-gap affairs, were cancel culture prevention disclaimers, because the bulk of the podcast was pro age-gap relationships. 

Sydnee Paige

Paige shared that "Tom", her very first boyfriend, was 12 years older. They met shortly after Paige's 18th birthday; thus, "Tom" was 30, and he inspired Paige to grow intellectually and sexually. "Tom", whom Paige was "crazy" about, taught teen Paige how to masturbate, which she shared was "hot", and he even purchased Paige's first teen sex toys

“My first boyfriend was 12 years older than me. The next was 5 years. And then 8 and so on. You get the picture. I don’t even think I’ve kissed anyone within five years of my age since I’ve become a legal adult.”

"Tom was truly my first love. He taught me everything I know sexually [...] He really, like, inspired me to grow. But he was a lot older than me. And when I met him I felt so fucking cool. I was like, “Wow, this super good looking, very well off accomplished guy is into me [...]”

However, Paige and "Tom" broke up, because "Tom" didn’t want to fully commit. Wait, does that mean that Paige wanted to fully commit? (FYI: "Tom" doesn't date older women, because he feels pressured to get married.")

Most recently, 20-year-old Paige went out with a guy who’s 35, whom she had "great" sex with - on. the. first. date. Paige shared a touching moment from the date:

“[...] he told me what year he graduated college and I remembered that I was 7. That was a weird moment. But he was so sweet though. Also, he was great in bed.”

In addition to "Tom" and the 35-year-old, Paige dated, among other older men, retired NBA players and movie producers.

“Sugar Daddy Central”

Approvingly, Paige gave some age-gap dating advice to budding teleiophiles. She advised young women to frequent Cipriani Downtown, which she referred to as “sugar daddy central”. And she advised downloading Hinge. Although, Paige met a(n) (obsessed) 32-year-old Manhattan based physician on Seeking Arrangements, she doesn't advise using the service. Lastly, she advised young women to ignore negative opinions about age-gap relationships.

“If you are dating older, people are bound to have [negative] opinions about it. You don’t have to listen to them. But they’re gonna talk and try to figure out why you’re with that person. Even if they’re the most perfect person in the world for you.”

In addition, Paige (inadvertently) gave some age-gap relationship advice to men. She said that men should take control, take the lead, be stable and, simply, be old(er).

“I think leadership is the sexiest thing ever. So, when I’m dating older people it feels more like a natural situation to let them take the lead.” 

“People have more stability with age [...] which I really crave."

“The added level of age is also a turn on. Like I mentioned. I know I shouldn’t say it but like someone needs to be honest about that shit.”

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