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Teen Paris Hilton's Push Up Bra: "You Derty Lil Girl", Age-Gap Sex Tape & Student-Teacher Kiss

For #FBF [Flash Back Friday] (APRIL 24, 2020), Paris Hilton was apparently filled with nostalgia. 

Consequently, she posted a seductive photo on her Instagram (IG) account from when she was a 15-year-old nymphet. 

In the photo, a nubile Hilton's derriere is barely covered by her skimpy skirt, her young but large breasts are prominent, and her look is flirtatious. 

Hilton shared in the caption that she used a push up bra to help prominently display her fountains: "Back when I was 15 and discovered the wonders of a push up bra an eyeliner." 

As of the time of this post, Hilton's IG post was viewed 3,001,800 times, and it had over 3,000 comment such as from mr.gus.bridges, whom wrote: "You Derty lil girl"

On a related noteThis Is Paris (2020), Paris Hilton's documentary, was revealing. Paris promoted the documentary by teasing that she was abused as a teen. Some assumed that Paris was referring to sexual abuse, but she was referring to physical abuse. 

Per Hannah Yasharoff's USA Today post "'We're all survivors': Paris Hilton alleges widespread abuse at her former school in new documentary" (Sep. 7, 2020): 
Hilton alleges her tumultuous young adult years were the result of experiencing verbal, emotional and physical abuse during the 11 months she attended Provo Canyon School, a Utah boarding school for troubled teens.
Interestingly, Hilton shared that she attended other boarding schools (for troubled teens) prior to attending Provo Canyon School; however, even more interestingly, Nicky Hilton, Paris' sister, shared why their parents sent Paris to boarding schools for troubled teens.
Nicky: "She was very naughty."
Paris: "What?"
Nicky: "She was [...] I told on her with everything [...]" 
Paris: "Thanks bitch."
Nicky: "[...] Have you ever said sorry to mom and dad?" 
Paris: "No."

What type of additional naughty things were Paris involved in during her nymphet years? For one, per Bernie Zilio's Page Six piece "Paris Hilton reveals [to Glamour] she was roofied and raped at 15 by an older man" (February 23, 2023). Zilio related that Paris shared with Glamour that when she was 15, she: "[...] used to hang out at the Westfield Century City shopping center [in L.A.] “almost every weekend.”" And what did 15-year-old Paris do at the shopping center (in her push up bra and eyeliner)? She used to talk to older guys and give them her pager number.
She noted that “[older] guys would always just be hanging around the stores” and that she and her pals would “talk to them” and “give them [their] beeper [pager] numbers.”
And Paris and her girls visited men at their homes as well: 
"One day, the group of men “invited” Hilton and her girls “to their house,” where the minors were allegedly given “berry wine coolers” to drink."

Unfortunately, Paris related to Glamour that her berry wine cooler was spiked with a roofie and that she was subsequently raped, “I remembered it. I have visions of him on top of me, covering my mouth, being like, ‘You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming,’ and whispering that in my ear.”

Paris Hilton & Rick Salomon

In addition, it turns out that, per Paris, her famous sex tape, 1 Night in Paris (2004), was filmed when she was 18. And Rick Salomon, her co-star slash boyfriend, was in his early thirties.

Paris stated in the documentary, "That was a private moment with a teenage girl." And, "It was my first real relationship - 18. I was just so in love with him. I wanted to make him happy." 

And Paris related in her memoir, Paris: The Memoir (2023), that her age-gap relationship with Salomon: "[...] was all very thrilling and naughty. A whole new brand of adrenaline. I was 18 and obsessed." Yet in reference to the sex-tape, Paris "wrote": "[...] I felt weird and uncomfortable about it. I always told him, “I can’t. It’s too embarrassing.”

Why did Paris change her mind about filming the sex-tape? She confessed that the thought of another (young) women starring in Solomon's sex-tape was an impetus. In addition, she desired to "be alive in a sensual way" and "comfortable" with being filmed in the nude. 
And then he told me if I wouldn’t do it, he could easily find someone who would, and that was the worst thing I could think of — to be dumped by this grown man [...] The truth is, I wanted to be alive in a sensual way. I wanted to feel like a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.
Typically, memoirs are littered with contradictions, and Paris' is no different. For example, after sharing that the she made the sex-tape to "be alive in a sensual way" and "comfortable", she "wrote" that she did not possess the "level of trust required" to make a sex-tape. Consequently, she used alcohol to wash down Quaaludes. 
I wasn’t capable of the level of trust required to make a videotape like that. I had to drink myself silly. Quaaludes helped. But I did it. I have to own that. I knew what he wanted, and I went with it.

But in the very next sentence, Paris wrote that she made the sex-tape to prove something to Salomon and to herself: "I needed to prove something to him and to myself, so I got hammered, and I did it."

However, prior to meeting men in L.A. and the age-gap sex-tape, Paris shared in her memoir that she had a student-teacher affair with "Mr. Abercrombie", her “handsome” 8th grade teacher. Paris "wrote" that after she gave her teacher her phone number, they would talk on the phone "for hours" - "almost every night". 

Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood and special.

In addition, Brian Niemietz posted for the New York Daily News that "Paris Hilton memoir bombshells include 8th-grade kiss with ‘Mr. Abercrombie’ teacher" (March 14, 2023) In the memoir, Paris "wrote" that her teacher gave her a mini-lesson on the age-gap marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. (We related in a previous post that 29-year-old Charles first met Diana when she was 16, and they subsequently married when he was 32, and she was 19.)

And Paris learned from Mr. Abercrombie about the age-gap affair and subsequent marriage between Priscilla and Elvis Presley that began when Priscilla was 14 and Elvis was 24. 

While her parents were out, Paris' teacher even visited her at her home where they kissed: “Teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me.” However, the student-teacher affair ended after Paris was discovered in her teacher's car. Consequently, Paris was shipped to France to live with her grandmother. Nicky Hilton on Paris: "She was very naughty."

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