Sunday, February 3, 2019

TRUST (2010): An Online Nymphet is Betrayed

Here's IMDb's plot summary for Trust (2011): 

A suburban [Chicago] family is torn apart when fourteen-year-old Annie [...] meets her first boyfriend online. After months of communicating via online chat and phone, Annie discovers her friend [Charlie] is not who he originally claimed to be. Shocked into disbelief, her parents [...] are shattered by their daughter's actions and struggle to support her as she comes to terms with what has happened to her once innocent life.

Initially, Charlie informed Annie that he was 16, then 20, and then 25, but when they met, Charlie appeared to be in his 30s. 

Annie was initially distraught, but Charlie reassured her by stating, "I love you. Annie, I don't get why age has to change that." Subsequently, the age-gap couple had ice cream at a parlor before they had sex in a cheap hotel despite Annie's pleads of, "Charlie, wait!"

Afterwards, to Annie's dismay, Annie's best friend informed a school administrator about Charlie, which resulted in an FBI investigation and counseling.

IMDb's plot summary opined that Annie was "innocent", but the FBI's transcripts of Annie and Charlie's chats proved otherwise. 

Annie: "I can't stop thinking about it. You inside me. I get wet when I picture it. How big are you? I bet you taste good. I wanna see it right now." To which her father replied, "She's 14![...] Our daughter sounds like a fucking porn star!"

Here's an excerpt from the Annie's counseling session:

Annie: "You think I need help?
Counselor: "I think that what you've been through must be very difficult."
Annie: "Yeah, what's the big deal? There are girls at my school who've had sex with half the football team. I lose my virginity [to an older man] and my parents make a federal case out of it. Literally"

In the end, Annie fell out of love with Charlie, but not due to their age difference. Annie came to consider Charlie compliments on her beauty to be crushingly insincere after she discovered that Charlie had sex with [at least] three other nymphets whom Annie opined, "They weren't even that pretty!"

Lastly, David Schwimmer took some directorial liberties by sexualizing Annie (14-year-old Liana Liberato) (e.g., pink spandex volleyball "shorts", pink with white polka dot panties, an underwear advertisement, etc). 

And despite the comments on IMDb, Trust (2010) is an inaccurate portrayal of online predators, because a nymphet is more likely to be sexually molested by her father, brother or uncle than an online or offline stranger.

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