Friday, February 9, 2018

Famous Ephebophile: John Casablancas | Old\Young Teen Model Sexual Affairs

The February 5, 2018 New York magazine "Reread" section features a cover story about ephebophile John Casablancas, the founder of the Elite Model Management, that originally appeared in the January 25, 1988 issue.

The article shares one of Casablancas' techniques for procuring nymphet models, which is to target the teen model's low self-esteem:
“My rule of life is that I want to have a good time,” he told Prince. And also: “One afternoon, Casablancas calls Jeanna Cie, a seventeen-year-old model and pop singer, into his office to discuss her weight. He uses a strategy that he later suggests is sure-fire. ‘I explained to her how turned off I was by her,’ he says.”
Casablancas & Stephanie Seymour

Consequently, 41-year-old Casablancas had a two-year extramarital affair with Stephanie Seymour, a "ravishing" 15-year-old aspiring model:
The centerpiece of the story is his involvement with Stephanie Seymour, whom he’d discovered via a contest at a shopping center in San Diego. 

He’d actually noticed her mother first—“absolutely ravishing,” he says—and then homed in on her daughter, who was 15 years old at the time. (He was 41.) 

Over the next year, he brought Seymour to Acapulco for the final round of that contest, then to New York. By the time of Prince’s story, he had begun and ended a two-year extramarital affair with her. And his description of looking at Seymour is downright chilling. 

“She is a girl of extremes,” he told Prince. “And the way she developed—there’s a quality that developed about her that is this incredible sensuality that a woman-child has, a true woman-child … her voice is a child’s, her attitudes, the way she holds her feet and her hands are those of a child, at the same time with an incredible sensuality to it. And that mixture was and is so explosive … This was something like a forbidden fruit for both of us.”

Seymour described their relationship quite warmly in the story, and stayed with the agency thereafter; in 2017, she still spoke well of him, telling the Post, “He was my first love, my first boyfriend, my first everything.” 
Casablancas & Aline Wermelinge

Unsurprisingly, Seymour wasn't Casablancas' only nymphet:
Casablancas remained at Elite until 2000, leaving after a BBC expos√© about drug use and exploitative behavior at modeling agencies tarnished the company’s reputation. He moved from New York to Rio that year, by which time he’d married [at the age of 51] his third wife, a 17-year-old [Aline Wermelinger].

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