Friday, July 14, 2017

Telemundo's CASO CERRADO: Latina Teen Young\Old Sexual Affair

Amanda                                       50

16-year-old teleiophile Amanda appeared on Telemundo's Caso Cerrado, because she wanted to be emancipated from her father so that she could be free to marry 50-year-old Santiago.  

Amanda shared with the judge that she has been very mature since the age of ten and that she wanted to marry Santiago because of his personality, the way he treated her, and because he was different than the boys her age.

Amanda said, "His personality, his way of being [and] the way he treated me. It wasn't the same as boys my age who only wanted one thing. I don't know. They're immature."

However, Joel, Amanda's father and a former long-time friend of Santiago, opined of Santiago, "He's a pedophile who's brainwashing her!"
Amanda replied emphatically, "Not true!"

Amanda shared that she and Santiago had kissed but had never had sex. (Despite Santiago's disability, he's fully functional sexually.) However, Jonhy, Santiago's son and Amanda's video game obsessed former boyfriend, claimed that he caught the age-gap couple fully nude and frolicking on the bed. 

Interestingly, before the judge gave her verdict she said, "But look. Woody Allen is still married to the girl who used to be his step-daughter. They've been together for years."

However, Dr. Hernandez, a psychologist, opined that Amanda was being "blinded" by Santiago's maturity - just like schoolgirls who fall in love with their male teachers. She said that their age-gap marriage would "never last", that it would be "very short", and that it was based on "infatuation - not love".

In the end, the judge ruled that Amanda could not be emancipated from her father, but that she should keep Santiago as a "father-boyfriend" until she turns 18. She ended her verdict by sharing, "However, I find it to be a nice love story. I truly do."

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