Thursday, June 29, 2017

Amazon's I LOVE DICK: A Teen Masturbates, Watches Porn & Studies Impressionism

Self-Portrait with his Wife and a Glass of Champagne, 1902

Above is Lovis Cornith's Self-Portrait with his Wife and a Glass of Champagne, 1902. 43-year-old Lovis, a German artist and writer, fell in love with Charlotte Berend, his future wife, when she was 21. But what led me to this painting may be more intriguing than their 22-year age-gap - especially since Charlotte wasn't a true nymphet.

I saw the billboard for "I Love Dick" in a Manhattan subway. I naively refused believe that it was a sexual pun, and I made no plans to watch the Amazon series. However, after I read a Jennifer Krasinki piece in the Village Voice that the women on the show were going to: "speak directly to the camera about their sexual histories", I was intrigued. 

In the spirit of Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies and Tavi Gevinson's RookieChris shared: 
"Dear Dick, I've been horny since I was six. I used to press my crotch into the belly of my stuffed Rhino [...] I'd love to hump him in front of our sitter Karen Harris. I used to say that Rhino was hungry and that I needed to feed him [...] In high school, I wanted to fuck anybody - male or female."

Toby shared with Dick that her dad "was an expert on children", which he thought "allowed" him to "touch" her, and when she was a nymphet, she was exposed to porn, which she couldn't get out of her head. 

And with the porn still "stuck" in her head, Toby entered Columbia at the age of 16 where she studied 19th century diagrams of the ideal breast shape; hence, Lovis' Self-Portrait with his Wife and a Glass of Champagne, 1902.


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