Saturday, March 5, 2016

Famous Ephebophile: David Bowie "De-Virginized" 15-Year-old Teen Lori Maddox

David Bowie and Lori Maddox

Nikki McWatters shared in the Huffington Post article “Predatory Teenage Girls” that Lori Maddox, a famous teenage groupie from LA, is alleged to have lost her virginity to David Bowie at the age of 13. [And s]he was Jimmy Page's steady girlfriend while still underage."

In a Thrillist post titled "I Lost My Virginity to David Bowie, Confessions of a 70s Groupie" , Maddox, who related that she was actually fifteen when Bowie "de-virginized" her, described the "beautiful" event as follows:
We got to the Beverly Hilton and we all went up to Bowie’s enormous suite. I found myself more and more fascinated by him. He was beautiful and clever and poised. I was incredibly turned on [...] He focused his famously two-colored eyes on me and said, “Lori, darling, can you come with me?” Sable* [another 15-year-old nubile groupie] looked like she wanted to murder me. He walked me through his bedroom and into the bathroom, where he dropped his kimono. He got into the tub, already filled with water, and asked me to wash him. Of course I did. Then he escorted me into the bedroom, gently took off my clothes, and de-virginized me. 

Two hours later, I went to check on Sable. She was all fucked up in the living room, walking around, fogging up windows and writing, "I want to fuck David." I told him what she was doing and that I felt so bad. Bowie said, “Well, darling, bring her in.” That night I lost my virginity and had my first threesome. The next morning, there was banging on the door and it was fucking [Bowie’s wife] Angie. 
After Bowie passed away in January, Jia Tolentino wrote in a Jezebel article:
"Lady Gaga paid extended, exhaustive tribute to him at the Grammys on Monday night; in the week following his death, there was a second line for him in New Orleans, a shrine outside his apartment in Tribeca, a series of farewells from his musical echelon, a million Instagrams, a segment on SNL." 

"[However,] On Twitter, a search for “David Bowie rapist” pulls up hundreds of people expressing combinations of anger, smugness, contrarianism, righteousness, and sincere conviction that the Grammys should not be celebrating him, that Tavi Gevinson should not be writing about him, the “rapist” description is primary and exactly right."
But orthodox Muslims and Jews may argue that the twitterati are misdirected and that Bowie and the nymphets should be admonished for fornication/adultery.

Lastly, here's what Sable's Wikipedia page relates:
[Sable] Starr first attended concerts around Los Angeles with older friends who had dropped out of school in late 1968. She lost her virginity at age 12 with Spirit guitarist Randy California after a gig at Topanga, California.[3] She had a younger sister, Corel Shields (born 1959), who was involved with Iggy Pop at age 11, although he was also acquainted with Starr.[4] Iggy Pop later immortalized his own involvement with Starr, in the 1996 song "Look Away":
I slept with Sable when she was 13,
Her parents were too rich to do anything,
She rocked her way around L.A.,
'Til a New York Doll carried her away…


  1. I think interest in someone younger than you is interest in a past you want to get back... or some part of the past you have lost and want to regain... and then it becomes perverted or locked... its like the Lot story... where his wife's inability to look, not to the past, but to the future, destroys her.... time is always linear, and though we may play out the past and other ideas.... we must be ever present, and ever ready lest we turn to stone, or a pillar of salt (and we do this much throughout our lives)

  2. Have really enjoyed perusing the entirety of your website, Mr. Ibrahim. A fascinating subject matter indeed. I'm curious as to whether or not there's an ETA on the second edition of 'The Allure of Nymphets'? I have been holding off on purchasing the currently available version for a while now as the new edition sounds promising. Hope all is going well.

    1. Jay,

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    3. Not a problem, Mo. Thank you kindly for the offer, but I now realize that your works are priced very fairly at $2.99 on Amazon (I had read it as $29.99 by mistake). I can certainly afford to purchase your current works at that price. Best of luck with your research for the new edition; look forward to reading the end result.