Sunday, May 5, 2013

LOVE, MATH AND SEX (1997): Always Ask A Nymphet Her Age!

Just like in a number of novels, movies and television shows (e.g.  Life UnexpectedBored to Death, etc.) Jiri (Georges Corraface), the 40-year-old protagonist in Love, Math and Sex (1997) [French: C'est la tangente que je préfère], didn't realize that Sabine (Julie Delarme), his love interest, was underage until after they had sex. 

Love, Math and Sex (1997)
For obvious reasons, one should never have a sexual relationship with an underage nymphet and the defense, "I didn't know!", even when true, unfortunately doesn't appear to hold weight in or out of court; thus, always ask a nymphet her age!

Interestingly, illegal age-gap relationships are not typically exposed by nymphets but by jealous boyfriends, jealous and concerned female friends and/or concerned parents.

Unsurprisingly, Jiri was unable to cease the affair after having a taste of the nymphet. Surprisingly, Jiri, unlike a lot of ephebophiles, realized the importance of letting the nymphet determine how quickly the relationship should advance.

Jiri confessed, "I don't want you to vanish again. I wanted to go too fast - like a kid tugging a plant to make it grow faster. I should have been patient and waited for you to love me."

In addition, this movie relates to the post we wrote on Actresses Playing Nude Early-Teens, because Julie Delarme was 18-years-old when Love, Sex and Math was filmed, but she played a 14-year-old nymphet who had sex, in the nude, multiple times with a middle-aged man.

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