Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love, Math and Sex (1997): Always Ask A Nymphet Her Age

Love, Math and Sex (1997)

Just like in a number of novels, movies and television shows (e.g.  Life UnexpectedBored to Death, etc.) Jiri (Georges Corraface), the 40-year-old protagonist in Love, Math and Sex (1997) [French: C'est la tangente que je préfère], didn't realize that his love interest, Sabine (Julie Delarme), was underage until they had sex. 

For obvious reasons, one should never have a sexual relationship with an underage girl. Illegal relationships are usually exposed by a jealous boyfriend, female friend or parent; however, occasionally the nymphet will expose the relationship to the proper authorities if she feels spurned or if the love is unrequited. Unsurprisingly, Jiri was unable to cease the affair after having a taste of the nymphet. Surprisingly, Jiri, unlike a lot of ephebophiles, realized the importance of letting the nymphet determine how quickly the relationship should advance. 

Jiri said, "I don't want you to vanish again. I wanted to go too fast - like a kid tugging a plant to make it grow faster. I should have been patient and waited for you to love me."

In addition, this movie relates to the post I did on Actresses Playing Nude Early-Teens, because Julie Delarme was 18-years-old when Love, Sex and Math was filmed, but she played a nude 14-year-old nymphet who had sex multiple times with a middle-aged man.

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