Sunday, March 16, 2014

VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS (1970): A Czechoslovakian Nymphet Everybody Wants

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

The Czech New Wave film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) [Czech: Valerie a týden divu] is another example of the worldwide nature of ephebophilia. This is the first time that we've written about ephebophilia in the Czech Republic.  

In this Czechoslovakian film, 13-year-old Valerie (Jaroslava Schallerová) is sought after by men and women - friends and relatives. For example, Valerie is saved from being aggressively seduced by the middle-aged priest by her magical earrings, she cured a beautiful topless family friend from the curse of a vampire by lavishing her with kisses and after she gave the earrings to her mother as a gift, her mother very passionately kissed the baby faced maiden.

Unlike a number of films, the dark haired nymphet is this film wasn't played by an older actress, despite her multiple (non-sexual) topless scenes, Jaroslava Schallerová was 13 when Valerie and Her Week of Wonders was filmed. (Coincidentally, the age of consent in the Czech Republic is 15.)

Interestingly, this film is considered one of the outstanding achievements of Czech new-wave cinema. The film received those accolades despite the fact that the star of the film is a topless 13-year-old, who is being seduced by middle-aged men and women - some of whom are her relatives (i.e. incest).

This film is based on the book that was written by Vítězslav Nezval, an avant-garde Czech writer and co-founder of the Surrealist movement in Czechoslovakia. (I'll update this post after I've read the novel.)

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders can be seen with English subtitles here.

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  1. I just watched this and I was blown away by Jaroslava Schallerová. Her face is just PERFECT. According to IMDB she would've been 14 at the time of filming - more evidence that the ideal female face is the face of a 14 year old girl. WOW.

  2. Oh wait, Wiki says she was 13 at the time. But still, you get my point, this is clearly the most attractive time of a girl's life.