Friday, June 14, 2019

TAN Digest: Teen Ellen Sexually Assaulted, Moby's Teen Date & Teen Hides Man in Attic

In an example from the dark side of nympholepsy, TMZ reported that Ellen Degeneres shared on David Letterman's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (Netflix) that when she was 15 or 16 she was sexually assaulted by her step-father. 

"She claims her stepfather waited until her mom was out of town and told her he needed to feel her breasts because he'd found a lump in her mom's breast and needed to check hers."

However, we suspect that Ellen is under-sharing, because as we posted previously, almost every single (butch) lesbian was sexually abused (i.e., raped - typically by a relative) as a nymphet. 

Moby shared in his memoir, Then It Fell Apart, that Natalie Portman initiated a relationship when she met him backstage after an Austin show. He wrote deceptively that she was 20, but he also shared that the seduction took place in 1999. Rolling Stone and Wikipedia confirms that Portman was 18 in '99 and Moby was 33. 

Moby wrote that after he told the famous nymphet, "We're going to New York in a few days. For the VMAs" She responded, "I'll be in New York too. Can we meet up? Unsurprisingly, they did.

Portman was the jeune seductress, but Moby has been repeatedly labelled a creep. For example, Dodes wrote in her Vanity Fair piece "Unreasonable Doubt" that the photo that Moby posted on Instagram with his arm around Portman as proof of their relationship only proves "[...] that Moby is creepy."]

Nicole Darrah reported for Fox News that a Tennessee man was accused of secretly living in a family's attic. But it was no secret to the family's 14-year-old nymphet who welcomed the man into her room after hours. 

The age-gap pair had previously attempted to run away together and before he "moved in", the nymphet would often beckon him "[...] to talk about her emotions". 

Surprisingly, the man was only charged with trespassing. 

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