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DeLappe's THE WOLVES: "Raw" Nymphet Soccer Coeds

Sarah DeLappe's The Wolves, among other accolades, was a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play was originally produced at The Duke on 42nd Street before it moved to the Lincoln Center.

Here's part of Wikipedia's synopsis:

“The Wolves” is set in an indoor soccer facility. Each scene depicts the nine teenage girls that make up the Wolves, a soccer team, warming up before their game each week.

The first scene opens with discussion of a Cambodian murderer, and conversations stem from there. Overlapping dialogue illustrates an atmosphere where each group of girls have their own, specific conversations while still chiming in on the main topic. These spin-offs include period gossip, talk of boyfriends [...]

Ben Brantley wrote in his New York Times review of the play: "Girl power is atomic in “The Wolves.” The scary, exhilarating brightness of raw adolescence emanates from every scene [...] at times your instinct is to shade your eyes."

Compared to Slut: A Play, I didn't read anything in The Wolves that was "scary" or had much "raw adolescence" and definitely nothing that would make me want to shade my eyes. 

Wikipedia's reference to period gossip is referring to #7, #8, and #14 encouraging, with sexual overtones, #2 to switch to tampons:

#2. (terrified) what if like my pad falls out?
#7. you still use those?
#14. you gotta get off of those [...] you want a ? cause I can get you one
#2. no | thank you
#8. it's not so hard | you just like | pop! [...]
#7. (with the super plus)
#14. (oh my god yes)
#7. little perv
#14. hahaha | hahaha | hahaha

Wikipedia's reference to "talk of boyfriends" is in reference to when #7 and #14 met Dan, #7's boyfriend and Dan's friend, "some college guy", during Dan's Thanksgiving break from college:

#7. "I am so fucking pumped [...] we're going to my dad's ski house | and that asshole won't be there | and he has like a fully stocked bar" 

But #14 was upset after #7 left her alone with the "college guy": #14. yeah but you just like | you abandoned me | to go FUCK your stupid FUCKING boyfriend!! | so / very LOUDLY!

The cast of The Wolves from the Theatre Royal | Stratford East Production
A high school coed having loud sex with a college student is a smaller age-gap than say a high school student's attraction to a former professional European soccer player or a middle-aged A-List actor.

In reference to Coach Mikhail, who played professional soccer in Croatia or Czech Republic, #14 opined: I think he's sorta sexy
#8. he's like 45!!
#14. so's Jude Law

Interestingly, #7 had a preference for referring to her teammates as sluts. For example, when #14 shared that she forgot her bikini, she said: guess I'll just have to SKINNY DIP. #7 replied: (with love and delight) you total fucking slut. And in another scene, #7 greeted her teen teammates with: what's up sluts. Thus, unsurprisingly, in reference to teen oral sex, #7 opined: it was just a fucking b / lowjob.

In the end, possibly the most interesting item from the book is the Gertrude Stein quote: "We are always the same age inside."

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