Thursday, August 30, 2018

SHARP OBJECTS' (2018) Amma: An "Incorrigible" Nymphet (A Video Montage)

I ran across articles about Sharp Objects from the New York Times to New York magazine, but I didn't decide to watch the HBO series until I read Godinez's comment in the Times.

Aha. Someone finally got it right. Godinez correctly agrees with novelist Robertson Davies' assessment of Lolita as: “[...] not [about] the corruption of an innocent child by a cunning adult, but [about] the exploitation of a weak adult by a corrupt child." 

Most people would incorrectly agree with Rookie's Amy Rose Spiegel, who misleadingly wrote in “Older Men: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Them, and Weren’t at All Afraid to Ask.” that Lolita, a novel that Spiegel “romanticized” as a nymphet, was a: “[...] story about an adult man kidnapping, molesting, and raping an adolescent girl”. 

In episode one of Sharp Objects, the cheerleader motif is introduced via a flashback when, "[...] a bunch of [high school] football players pull a train [on Camille] at the end of a big game." And in the premier, teenage Camille masturbates after stumbling upon pornographic images in a cottage.

By episode three, Amma reminds Camille, her "big sister", that she's "[...] nearly a woman." And in response to Camille's question, "He's a little old for you. Don't you think?" Amma states, "No. I'm almost a woman." Amma's friend Jodes is into older men too. She sings, "Camille and [Detective] Dicky sitting in a tree [...] f.u.c.k.i.n.g." And by episode four Jodes shares "[...] that hot cop. I'd totally fuck him." While we're on episode four and teleiophilia, let's relate that Amma attemptes to seduce her drama teacher. 

In episode five, a re-enactment of Calhoun Day is performed. Camille explained Calhoun Day:

"Zeke Calhoun our founding pedophile. He fought for the South and his child bride, mother [Millie] Calhoun, [...] she was from a Union family. One day the Union soldiers come down here to collect hubby - dead or alive but brave Millie, who was with child, but she refuses [...] she resists but how she resists that people in this town just love. The Union soldiers tied her to a tree - did horrible things to her - violations but Millie never said a word [...]"

In addition to being a teliophile, Amma, who has a penchant for requesting "Don't tell mama.", smokes cigarettes and marijuana, she drinks beer and vodka, she takes MDMA (episode five) and Oxycontin (episode six), she participates in lipstick lesbianism and she's a murderer. What a incorrigible nymphet!

SHARP OBJECTS' (2018) Amma: An "Incorrigible" Nymphet (A Video Montage)

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