Friday, June 8, 2018

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: "Uncle Roy" Candid Polaroids of [Pre] Teen Nieces

Saturday Night Live: Uncle Roy Sketch
I learned about Buck Henry's Saturday Night Live (SNL) Uncle Roy sketch from a footnote in Rosen's Beaver Street: A Modern History of Pornography. On season 4 episodes 5 (November 11, 1978) and 20 (May 26, 1979) of SNL, Uncle Roy bamboozles his nymphet nieces, Tracy (Gilda Radner) and Terry (Laraine Newman), into searching his pockets for "candy", exposing their panties for candid Polaroids, and participating in a bit of BDSM e.g., spanking and bondage.
In a 2009 episode of Archive of American Television, Henry reflected on the sketches by saying that Tracy and Terry were between the ages of 8 and 11 and that:
"The great thing about the sketch [...] the best thing about the sketch [...] they really liked, they really loved each other [...] So, when I asked them to throw down their little panties and let me take pictures of them standing on top of the coffee table [...] the giggling and the show of affection would just increase."
Henry further rationalized the sketches by sharing that they were written by not one but two women - Rosie Shuster and Anne Beatts. 
And he hoped that the sketches would start "interesting conversations in families across America about who was the Uncle Roy in their family."

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