Saturday, November 11, 2017

High School Summer Reading List: LESS THAN ZERO | Teen Rape & "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage"

This is an actual summer reading list from a Manhattan high school, which is located in the Riffs' old neighborhood near the Drummond's street. 

Over a third of the students are white, 15% are Asian and according to Great Schools: "This school is rated above average in school quality compared to other schools in the state." 

It's what we would call a public\private school since only 10% of the African-American students were submitted after a review of their applications.

We could have written this post about any of the books on the summer reading list except for maybe Jay Z's Decoded. For example, in Junot Diaz's, Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Ana Obregon is, " [...] a pretty loudmouthed gordita who read Henry Miller [e.g. Sexus] while she should have been learning to wrestle logic problems."
13-year-old Ana was introduced to Henry Miller by her 24-year-old boyfriend before he left the east coast to join the military. "He used to read passages to her all the time: That made me so hot," she said.

However, Ellis' Less Than Zero peaked our interest based on the teacher's disclaimer: "Note that this novel contains some disturbing content, including rape and drug use.

But we never would have imagined that there was not one, not two, not three but four nymphets who were raped in the novel!

18-year-old Clay, the novel's protagonist, who is visiting his hometown of Los Angeles during a winter break from his east coast college, attends a party in Malibu where: 
Everyone in the room is looking up at a large television screen [...] There's a young girl, nude, maybe fifteen, on a bed, her arms are tied together above her head and her legs spread apart, each foot tied to a bedpost [...] The camera cuts quickly to [...] this fat black guy, who's also naked and who's got this huge hardon [...] he has sex with the girl and then walks off the screen.

It's a snuff film, but the viewers at the party debate whether or not the Black man really killed the nymphet with "an ice pick, and what looks like a wire hanger and a package of nails and then a thin, large knife".
After Clay visits Daniel's house, Daniels tells Clay about a girl he knows but he doesn't share her name:
"She's pretty and sixteen and [...] she goes to Westward Ho on Westwood Boulevard and she meets her dealer there [...] And this guy spends all day shooting her full of smack again and again..."
"And then he feeds her some acid and takes her off to a party in the hills or in the Colony and then...and then..." Daniel stops.
"And then what?" I ask, handing him back the joint.
"And then she gets gangbanged by the entire party."
Subsequently, Clay describes a visit: 
"[...] to Rip's apartment in Wilshire, he leads us into the bedroom. There's a naked girl, really young and pretty, lying on the mattress. Her legs are spread and tied to the bedposts and her arms are tied above her head. Her cunt is all rashed and looks dry and I can see that it's been shaved. She keeps moaning and murmuring words and moving her head from side to side [...]"
Rip says something.
"She's twelve."
"And she is tight, man," Spin laughs. 
"Her name is Shandra and she goes to Corvalis" is all Rips says.
Clay declines to have sex with the nymphet but her later shared:
"A young girl from San Diego who had been at the party [in Palm Springs on the desert with kids from L.A and San Francisco and Sacramento] had been found the next morning, her wrists and ankles tied together. She had been raped repeatedly. She also had been strangled and her throat had been slit and her breasts had been cut off and someone had stuck candles where they used to be. Her body had been found at the Sun Air Drive-In hanging upside down from the swing set [...]"

Interestingly, Clay's blond younger sisters (approximately 13 and 15) enjoy listening to Killer Pussy's "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage". Admittedly, the younger nymphet does cocaine, and both nymphets watch porn with the sound off but one of them "hates it when they show the guy coming".

Here's an excerpt from the lyrics to "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage":
Teenage, green age, awkward in-between age
(Teenage enema nurse)
I turned fifteen, thought it was a teen scene
(Teenage enema nurse)
Thought it would be easy, but it makes me queasy
I'm a teenage enema nurse

They told me, "Stick the nozzle in
There's really nothing to it
It's not a very pretty job

But someone's got to do it"

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