Saturday, January 27, 2018

Famous Ephebophile: Dane Cook

Ross McDonagh posted on the Daily Mail that: "Dane Cook, 45, has been dating 19-year-old singer/actress Kelsi Taylor for the best part of a year.

Apparently, the age-gap pair have been dating since the nymphet was 18: "[...] Each of their Instagram accounts is filled with cosy shots of the two travelling the world as well as hanging out locally in LA. They shared shots form Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even the teenager's 19th birthday party in October."

Arguably, Cook is more famous for his stand-up comedy than his acting. 

Interestingly, Taylor starred in Beach Seasons (2014). Here's the IMDb plot summary for Oivind Naess' short film: "A shy 14-year-old girl (Kelsi Taylor) with a crush on her fitness coach must compete with her older sister for his attention."

Beach Seasons Trailer from Oivind Naess on Vimeo.