Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pharrell – YOUNG GIRL Featuring: Jay-Z

I wrote in The Allure of Nymphets about Ice T's song, Sex, in which he raps about a rap contest where the, "First prize was a virgin young girl," and how he put IT, "... in their little panties that their boyfriend saw."

Pharrell's song, Young Girl, features Jay-Z. Pharrel appears to be distraught about his attraction to a young girl - to the point that he seeks help from his mother:

Mama help, I fell in love with a young girl
What on earth, what I'm [I] suppose to do
Young girl, so in love with you

However, Jay-Z appears to handle his attraction to a nineteen-year-old well. In his verse he raps:

Hove got a young girl
Still not quite 21
So high strung, such a vibrant thing
I introduce myself, "Hi, Miss Thing"
You're 19?
No, you're lighting in a bottle I give you a ring tomorrow

There you have it. Men handle the attraction differently, but nonetheless they handle it . 

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