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[Update 10/25/22] "Swiffergate": "Swiffer Girl" The Prep Schoolgirl Teen Porn Star

Gossip Girl (s01e12)

On episode 11 and 12 of the 2021 Gossip Girl reboot, viewers get a glimpse at the types of tips that Gossip Girl receives about the raunchy teen behavior of (some of) the Manhattan prep school students. For example, in episode 12, we learned that a Constance Billard student had an age-gap sexual affair and "slept" with The Help. And to get more followers on social media, two prep school twins unabashedly engaged in incentious lipstick lesbian girl-on-girl kissing:
Mom: You made out with each other to get followers?
Twin #1 (Auvray Stephenson): And it worked!
Twin #2 (Evershea Stephenson): Prude!
Interestingly, it turns out that while (some) Manhattan prep school nymphets embrace the words teen slut, it's "prude" that one does not want to be called. Consequently, a nubile teen may be prone to prove she's not prude.

For example, Zachary Kussin's New York Post post about Danielle Miller reminded us about 2004's Horace Mann middle school “Swiffer Girl” whom produced three (3) self-shot teen videos masturbating with and simulating fellatio on a Swiffer broom.
Miller [...] the Horace Mann alumna who became known as “Swiffer Girl” in 2004. A boy had dared the then-eighth grader online to prove she wasn’t a “prude,” prompting Miller to record and send him three sexually explicit videos featuring the household sweeper.

Gabrielle Bluestone elaborated on "Swiffergate" and Miller whom grew up 'a block from Central Park, in an apartment building neighboring the New York Athletic Club and the Ritz-Carlton". In her New York magazine piece, "What Danielle Miller learned at Horace Mann and Rikers", Bluestone related that after Miller's crush shared the teen masturbation videos, unsurprisingly the videos went viral "among New York’s private-school students" and on the Internet:

Up and down the Upper East Side, wealthy teens flashed their thongs in Juicy sweat suits and low-rise Hudson jeans. Girls lined up for Brazilian waxes at J Sisters after it was prominently featured in the Gossip Girl books.


Horace Mann Yearbook Photo: Danielle "Swiffer Girl" Miller
(Source: The Age of Influence [ABCNews\Hulu[) 

In 2004, when Miller was in eighth grade, a boy she had a crush on dared her in an AIM message to prove she wasn’t a “prude.” She grabbed the new Sony VAIO laptop her father had given her for Christmas and propped it on the ledge of her shower stall. She disrobed, picked up the handle of a Swiffer mop, and pressed record. She made three sexual videos in all and emailed them to the boy.

The boy forwarded the clips to Miller’s best friend, who in turn sent them to two people, and soon it had reached everyone that they knew. It spread rapidly from there. 

The videos hadn’t circulated just among New York’s private-school students and their friends, though Miller still remembers the name of every classmate who mocked her on a page dedicated to the scandal on the now-defunct social-media site Friendster. The videos also ended up on the file-sharing programs LimeWire and Kazaa. 


Initially, Miller was distraught, but by 9th grade, she embraced the attention, and due to "Swiffergate", "Swiffer Girl" became a much sought after "It Girl":

By the next year, in ninth grade, Miller had decided to abandon what was left of her identity as a nice, quiet girl. “I became a different person,” she says. She got her first fake ID and doubled down on the scandal, becoming “that girl,” as the former classmate describes her, the one you’d call “if you wanted to do something bad or go out on a Wednesday night and get drunk in ninth grade.”

“I lived in a never-ending Gossip Girl episode,” Miller wrote while she was incarcerated. “Everyone wanted to be friends with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted Swiffer Girl at their parties. Everyone wanted pictures with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted Swiffer Girl’s autograph. Everyone wanted to smoke hookah with Swiffer Girl. Everyone’s parents didn’t want their kids around Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted to try drugs with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted to pregame with Swiffer Girl. Everyone wanted to fuck Swiffer Girl.”

In Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy elaborated on Miller's embraced fame as a prep school porn star, which included signing autographs:

As for the eighth-grader, like Paris Hilton before her, the dissemination of her amateur porn swiftly resulted in a major uptick in her level of popularity and celebrity. “People said they saw her walking down the hallway giving autographs,” said a seventeen-year-old senior at Manhattan’s Trinity School named Talia.

The Swiffer sucker and her compatriots at Fieldston and Oyster Bay High weren’t so much experimenting with sex as experimenting with celebrity [...] 

As one hipster from the senior class at the progressive, elite Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn Heights said, “There’s something so Girls Gone Wild about this. Like videotaping yourself giving a blow job to a Swiffer? [...] ”

Lastly and surprisingly, Kussin, Bluestone, and Levy failed to mention that Miller's middle school masturbation videos were, even to the most liberal atheist, illegal. But it's not surprising that Miller's crush wasn't accused of grooming. Even though, he had power over her (i.e., The Crush), for some reason, the fact that he was ≈ 13 and not ≈ 31 saved Miller from being victimized. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Update 10/25/22

On the “Danielle Miller, the Horace Mann Swiffer Girl” (April 1, 2022) episode of the Forbidden Fruits (FF) podcast, Danielle Miller shared with Julia Fox, a former teen sex worker, and Niki Takesh that she actually made seven teen masturbation videos. And that she’s actually surprised that no one ever mentioned the other four videos:

Miller: “Had a crush on this kid [...] I sent him a video ‘cause he called me a prude [GG] [...] and I had a crush on him [...]  I didn’t want him to judge me. I didn’t want him to think I was too sexually conservative. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t any fun [...] So, I made these videos for him [...] There are actually seven (7) of them.”

FF: “Oh my God.” [Laughs]

Miller: “Yeah.” [Laughs]

FF: “There were seven?!”

Miller: “Yeah. And, like, no one [has] ever talked about that ever; so, that’s like exclusive information.”

FF: “Wow!"

When asked, “Why are we not calling this guy out?” Miller replied that it wasn’t the boy’s fault. “He was in the wrong but he was also 13 too. And everyone makes mistakes [...] It wasn’t his fault.” 

It appears that the boy wasn’t in the wrong because, in an effort to have more middle school sex tapes made, he only shared the videos with Miller’s best friend whom, as far as we know didn’t make a teen sex tape, but she did share the videos with “whole eighth grade”.

Interestingly, the videos were made when Miller was 13, but they didn’t go viral until she was 14 (2004), which was one year before she lost her virginity. 

Consequently, one of the FF hosts volunteered: “And also I remember, like, being that age and being so hypersexual all the time.” 

Initially, Miller said that she didn’t sign any autographs:

“I heard, like, crazy rumors like, “Oh there were Swiffers brought into the Horace Mann for her to sign.” And like that never happened [...] Or that I, like, signed autographs and stuff - that never happened.”

However, she did admit to signing a New York magazine piece “The Paris Hilton Effect - Teens Making Sex Videos”:

“I literally signed one thing ever [...] it was “The Paris Hilton Effect”. The first article that came out by Daphne Merkin [....] who wrote an article for New York mag basically bashing me. And when it happened kids were bringing it to school and passing it around and stuff.”

After mentioning that Paris Hilton was “over age” (i.e., 18) when she made her sex tape, Miller proclaimed that she has been cemented as an influential pop culture producer of child porn to which a FF host suggested that Miller own it, capitalize off it, and trademark Swiffer Girl.

“[...] I think you’ve been running from it. And I think it’s like time that you just face it and own it and, like, capitalize off it. You know. Like trademark that shit.”

“Trending for the next two decades. I’d be, like, forever, like, cemented as this, like, influential pop culture producer of, like, our generation of child porn.”

Lastly for this update, the Bradenton Herald reported that “NYC social media influencer [Danielle Miller] gets [five year] prison sentence in Sarasota bank fraud attempt” (Oct 25, 2022)

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