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COSMOPOLITAN Confessay: Teen Sex with Friend's Dad!

Arya Patel* posted the Confessay, "I Hooked Up With My Friend’s Dad on Vacation in Spain: It was an accident. It was also inevitable", on Cosmopolitan (Spring 2024). 

In the confession slash essay, Arya shared that when she was an 18-year-old college freshman and: "[...] shy introvert who’d just moved out of my family’s place to attend college in a different city", she "met Maria* in the bathroom of a student bar" where they bonded over their: "[...] love for anime, dystopian fiction, and all things nerdy."

Maria, "born and raised in Spain", was studying abroad at Arya's college where they further bonded over: "dubious culinary experiments with ramen and movie nights fueled by cheap wine."

During summer break, Maria invited Arya spend a week in Granada with her and Marco* - Maria's her father. Arya wrote that Marco, "in his mid-40s", made her "understood the appeal of older men", which was partially due to his physical characteristics:

[...] he had the physique of a Hemsworth brother, with a strong jawline and muscles practically bulging through his shirt. He was in his mid-40s and had the same dark curls and chocolate eyes as Maria but stood a foot taller at 6'3" and flaunted a deeper tan. The flecks of gray peppered throughout his hair and the smile lines around his eyes only made him look even sexier. I honestly had never understood the appeal of older men until the exact moment I met him.

That's correct. Arya shared that Marco's wrinkles and gray hair made him "even sexier". Consequently, Arya was "enamored" by her friend's father. And she had a "painfully obvious crush" on him. So much so that after Marco caught Arya "glancing" at him, he replied to with a "cheeky, dimpled smile".

However, Arya attempted to control her "spiraling lust by focusing on the trip" and spending time with Maria as they:  "[...] walked through the rustic streets of the city’s spice market and took in the stunning Moorish architecture and parks."

But, unsurprisingly, it wasn't only Marco's physically characteristics that riled up Arya. In addition to his deep tan, smile lines and flecks of grey, Marco was attentive, soft-spoken and, despite their age-gap, he didn't patronize Maria.

[...] to rile me up. It was the little things, like when his fingers seemed to linger on mine while he passed me a glass of rioja or when he’d stroke my hair under the guise of fixing a stray strand. He was attentive and soft-spoken in a way none of my exes had ever been. He asked me about my family and what I wanted to do in the future with genuine interest and never came across as patronizing despite our age gap.

Consequently, the night before she went home, after Marco exited the shower, Arya "grabbed his towel and let it fall to the floor". Then she performed oral sex on Marco before he bent her over the couch while: "Maria was just a door away in her room." 

I don’t know what came over me in that split second, but I got up and walked over to him. My hands were shaking with anticipation as I grabbed his towel and let it fall to the floor. His dick was intimidatingly big. I got on my knees and kissed it, starting at the tip and working my way down with kitten licks. Maria was just a door away in her room. 

I felt him get hard under my tongue as he let out a muffled groan followed by a string of whispered curses. I took as much of him as I could in my mouth and looked up into his eyes while blowing him. Seeing his face contorted in pleasure just turned me on more. 

Marco pulled me up by my neck, somehow rough and tender at the same time, and dragged me in for a kiss. His hands roamed my waist and ass as our tongues collided. I was already heaving for air when we finally pulled apart. 

He flipped me around and bent me over the couch, kissing me from the nape of my neck down my spine. I’d never had sex without someone going down on me first, but I was literally the wettest I’d ever been when Marco entered me from behind.

A moan escaped me and his palm flew to cover my mouth as he started moving inside me, teasingly slow at first but building to a faster rhythm. I closed my eyes and doubled down on the sensation of his dick until I came. 

Arya wrote that the next morning, she bid Maria and Marco adieu and "[...] flew home as if nothing had happened" where she "eagerly" awaited an "[...] invitation to another steamy Spanish holiday."

"[...] you fucked my dad?"\YouTube

Of course, the Daddy Thing and a teen having sex with her friend's or boyfriend's dad is not uncommon. For example, there are a number of videos posted on social media of teen girls being scolded for having sex with a friend or boyfriends dad. 

Lastly, it's worth noting that (most) feminists would assert that Marco used his "strong jawline", "chocolate eyes", "cheeky, dimpled smile", attentiveness and soft-spoken demeanor to groom Arya, because in their estimation, a teen could absolutely never naturally be "enamored" by an (much) older man

*Name has been changed.

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