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TEEN VOGUE & TIKTOK: First-Time [Teen] Sex

Alexis Benveniste wrote the article "First-Time Sex: 20 Questions About Losing Your Virginity, Answered: Your first time having sex is a major deal." (APRIL 16, 2020) in the Sexual Health + Identity section of Teen Vogue

Benveniste wrote: First-time sex can be a tricky, scary and confusing thing [...] For starters, people define "sex" in different ways. It can include vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, and other activities.

Benveniste list 20 Q&As, but for the purposes of this post, we'll only relate 18 through 20: 

17. How do you reach orgasm?

RB [obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Rebecca Brightman, M.D]: Having an orgasm is a reflex that occurs when you are really "turned on" and stimulated. It doesn't happen all of the time and it's very normal for it not to happen when you have sex for the first time.

SS [New York City sex therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder, M.D]: First, get good at reaching orgasm when you're by yourself. Then experiment with how to make this happen during partner sex. If you need help figuring out how to reach orgasm by yourself, there are wonderful resources online at OMGYes.

18. How will I know if I had an orgasm?

GE [sex educator and writer Gigi Engle]: Oh. You'll know. If you only think you had one, you didn't.

SS [New York City sex therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder, M.D]: First learn all about your orgasm by yourself. Then when you're with a partner you'll know how to spot one if it happens.

19. How will I know if my partner is enjoying it?

SS[New York City sex therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder, M.D]: Heck, why would you want to worry about that? Just make sure you're enjoying it!

RB[obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Rebecca Brightman, M.D]: Oh, you will know!

20. Should I feel embarrassed if I'm not dating my partner?

GE[sex educator and writer Gigi Engle]: You should absolutely not be embarrassed if you choose to have sex with someone you're not dating. Just use protection, make sure YOU feel comfortable with what's happening, and have fun! Slut-shaming is so passé. Don't ever let someone feel bad for wanting to experience one of the most wonderful, basic things people can experience.

SS[New York City sex therapist Dr. Stephen Snyder, M.D]: That's your decision. Do whatever feels right for you.

From 18 through 20, we can see that Dr. Snyder, M.D recommended that nymphets masturbate to prepare for losing their virginity. He even recommended OMGYes where a teen could learn different forms of masturbation including, like ttyl's 15-year-old Margaret, how to squirt. 

And to the dismay of Orthodox Jews and Muslims, Engle and Snyder, M.D not only condoned extramarital teen sex, they encouraged teens to have sex with someone other than their boyfriends: 

Engle: "Slut-shaming is so passé." 
Snyder, M.D: "Do whatever feels right for you [except have sex with men - even if you're above the age-of-consent]."

Note: We embedded some TikTok gifs of teens sharing when they lost their virginity. 

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