Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There's a difference of opinion among pick-up artists (PUAs) on what is the best way to pick-up and eventually marry a nymphet. 

Some say that a nymphet should be approached like any other female - that her age shouldn't have an affect/effect on how you seduce her (e.g., author J.D. Salinger)

Others say, like all females, that a nymphet should not be seduced and that one should wait and allow her to do the seducing (e.g., Anne Rice's Belinda.)

Lastly, some PUAs say that a nymphet should be seduced slowly like Connie in Victoria Lincoln's "Down in the Reeds by the River".


Said to Young Cashier in Aisle 3
“How are you today?”
“Have a nice day!

One Week Later
“Busy, huh?”
“Take care.”

One Week Later
“How’s it going?”
“Wow, you work and go to school full-time? You’re amazing!”

One Week Later
“How’s school?”
“You need to wear sunglasses when I’m here. Your eyes are too much!”

One Week Later
“I’m having a dinner party at my place. You and a friend are invited.”
“Put your number in my phone, and I’ll text you the address.”

Text to Young Cashier in Aisle 3 - Three Days Later
"Thanks 4 coming 2 the party. It looks like u had a great time!”
“And don’t worry about the glass u broke, but sushi is on u next time.”

Text to Young Cashier in Aisle 3 - The Next Day
“I’m going 2 my favorite dessert bar 2morrow. U r invited.”
“Great. I’ll send a car to pick u @ 5.”

Text from Young Cashier in Aisle 3 - That Same Night
“Omg, I had a great time today! The olive oil cake was amazing!”
“Btw, can I cum 2 your place tomorrow, so u can help me w/ my paper ; )”

Update 10/30/13 2:05 AM: The Allure of Nymphets came out almost a year ago and that's when I started this blog. Apart from someone at a dinner party referring to my book as "dirty," I hadn't received any disparaging comments until today. I have to reiterate that I'm reporting my findings about ephebophilia/teleiophilia in literature, film, art, etc. (Read my disclaimer at the bottom of the page for further details.) I'll have you know that, in most cases, whether in art or in the real-world, most age-discrepant relationship are initiated by the nymphets. For various reasons, most men don't attempt any of the seduction techniques I've mentioned above. A number of them are "In the Closet Ephebophiles" who secretly delve into the dark side of ephebophilia, which is the topic of the second volume of The Allure of Nymphets

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