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"Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" (2019): Teen Pussycat Offers Oral Sex

Here's IMDb's plot summary for Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (2019):

A faded television actor [Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio)] and his stunt double [Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt)] strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during the final years of Hollywood's Golden Age in 1969 Los Angeles.

Google elaborates in its plot summary by adding:

Rick also happens to live next door to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate -- the filmmaker and budding actress whose futures will forever be altered by members of the Manson Family.

In one scene, Cliff gives Pussycat, a teen member of the Manson Family, a ride to the Spahn Ranch. Here's the dialogue:

Pussycat : Want me to suck your cock while driving?
Cliff Booth : [thinks for a bit] How old are you?
Pussycat : What?
Cliff Booth : How old are you?
Pussycat : Wow, man. First time anybody asked that in a long time.
Cliff Booth : What's the answer?
Pussycat : Okay, we gonna play kiddie games? Eighteen. Feel better?
Cliff Booth : You got some I.D., you know, like, a driver's license or something?
Pussycat : [laughing] Are you joking?
Cliff Booth : No, I'm not. I need to see something official that verifies that you're eighteen, which you don't have because you're not.

Subsequently, Pussycat informs Cliff: Obviously, I'm too young to fuck you. But obviously, you are too old to fuck me. 

This reminds us of the memoir Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside the Cult, and the Darkness that Ended the Sixties where Dianne Lake, who became one of Charles Manson's girls at the age of 14, shared: For the first time, I came to see that my sexuality was empowering---something I had that older men seemed to want [...] In my mind, sex with older men meant I was a woman [...]

Monday, December 2, 2019

Girl Museum's Girl for Sale Exhibit: Teen Sex Slaves Depicted in (Highbrow) Art

Here's part of the description of the Girl Museum's Girl for Sale online exhibit:

Every year, thousands of girls are tricked, intimidated or forced into the shadows of sweatshops and brothels for labor and sexual exploitation. Some are taken across oceans, others just across the street. This modern day slavery is the second most lucrative international illegal trade [...]

Would you sell your daughter for food? [...]

Girl for Sale is a collaborative virtual outreach exhibition about girl trafficking that interrogates and responds to the issues through poetry, art and education. [...] This [is a] co-production of Girl Museum and the American Poetry Museum, launched on 31 March 2011 [...]

Here's an excerpt from the images section:

The answer to the question of ‘What do we want from art?’ is continually evolving. [...] It is very hard to misinterpret a painting of naked girls on an auction block, unless you want to believe it is something other than the obvious. Historically, we seem to demand less from art. We want beauty and familiarity, and will readily forgive scenes of violence, sexual exploitation and perversion as ‘of its own time’. However, ethics and morality did not suddenly spring forth in the 21st century as newly invented, so to not interrogate imagery that celebrates the sale of people as commodities is a bit naive [...] 

And here are some of the images:

The White Slave, Abastenia St Ledger Eberle, 1913

This is the description of The White Slave by Abastenia St Ledger Eberle, a female sculptor, on Girl Museum:

"This statue caused controversy when it was first shown. The child in the statue represents child prostitution. [Abastenia St Leger] Eberle produced many pieces as a form of social protest after ‘The White Slave’. Child Prostitution, at the time of this statue, was known as White Slavery. The positioning of the child, as her hands are held behind her back graphically illustrates her entrapment and prevents any freedom. The man who holds her is shouting out, shouting out perhaps her price or her age."

The Greek Slave, Hiram Powers, 1844

This is the description of Hiram Powers' The Greek Slave on Girl Museum:

This 1844 statue shows a standing nude girl with chains around her hands and holding a cross. The cross seems to indicate her Christianity having been made captive and being sold off for sexual means. She gazes away from the viewer as though humiliated though this could also be read, because of the presence of the cross, as Christian shame.

The Girl or the Vase, Henryk Siemiradzki, 1881

Here's the intriguing Wikipedia entry for Henryk Siemiradzki's The Girl or the Vase:

The Girl or the Vase (Polish: Wazon czy kobieta), also known as The Presentation of the Slave, is an 1878 painting by the Polish artist Henryk Siemiradzki. The subject is from ancient Rome and shows a patrician who contemplates on whether he should buy an East Asian vase or a slave girl. The painting earned Siemiradzki the gold medal at the 1878 World's Fair in Paris and the French Legion of Honour.

The painting last changed owner in 2005, when it was sold through Sotheby's in New York for 1,426,000 dollars.

Slave Market in Rome, Jean-Leon Gerome, 1884 

Andn here's the description of Jean-Leon Gerome Slave Market in Rome posted on Girl Museum:

The theme of nakedness runs through all these images. In this painting, the girl being auctioned is stood on a stage in front of all those who are bidding for her. Not only is she without clothes but the other [very young nymphet] slaves behind and to her side are naked and stare out despondently at the crowd. The girl at the centre has her arm up and looks away, unable to look at whoever will buy her.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

McDonell's TWELVE: Prep School Oral Sex, Teen Sex for Drugs & Nymphets Seducing Shrinks

Michiko Kakutani wrote in his New York Times review of Nick McDonell's national bestseller Twelve (2002):

"[Nick McDonell] gives us a palpable sense of the privileged but spiritually desolate world that his characters inhabit, without ever condescending to them, and he gives us some digitally clear snapshots of life in the upscale ZIP codes of millenial Manhattan."

Some of the snapshots from upscale millenial Manhattan that McDonell portrays are a "first blow job at a bat mitzvah", teens viewing porn, teen sex for drugs, and "[...] girls who talk about how they try to fuck with their shrinks. Or how they actually try to fuck their shrinks."

Twelve (2010) is a film that is based on the teen novel. The film follows the novel very closely, but unsurprisingly, "Hollywood" made some additions. And banking on the allure of nymphets, Jessica, who in the book shared that her prep school friends "try to fuck their shrinks" and who had sex with a drug dealer for twelve, a drug that is a cross between cocaine and ecstasy, was shown frolicking in her bra and panties in her Manhattan home amongst her stuffed animals.

Some fun facts: McDonell wrote Twelve when he was 17, the novel was on a number of bestseller lists, and it has been translated into over 20 languages.

Lastly, Lamberti wrote in her Playboy review of Twelve: "An enthralling read about apathetic youth who have everything and nothing. 

Agnès b. Lolita Backpacks: "All the Pretty Girls Have One."

In preparation for a future post, we're reading Piper Weiss' engaging you all grow up and leave me. On page 103 of the memoir, Weiss related an anecdote about a night, during her middle-school years, on the town with the girls:

We wear our coats open down Park Avenue, miniature backpacks strapped to our shoulders and stuffed with allowance, Marlboro Lights, coffee-bean Revlon lipstick, and concealer. My backpack is black suede with a high zipper count. Bianca's is an Agnès b. Lolita and I want it. It's nothing much---a small black fabric satchel with two black ties to put your arms through---but written across the back in white script is the name Lolita. All the pretty girls have one. When I ask to try it on, just to see how it feels, it's like strapping on an internal organ I've been missing.

Interestingly, Weiss did not desire the designer backpack, but she desperately wanted Lolita, whom all the pretty girls possessed. It was Lolita who made her feel like she had recovered a missing vital organ.

And Lolita was a "must have", and she was coveted by more than Manhattan prep schoolgirlsNora Zelevansky wrote in the Los Angeles Times (August 26, 2012) article "Stylish backpacks make a return":

"In the early 1990s, the mini-backpack was a fashion “must-have.” Most coveted was French designer Agnès B.'s black cotton “Lolita” sack (reimagined briefly during a limited-edition 2010 collaboration with Opening Ceremony) [...]"

Saturday, November 30, 2019

SNL & Pocahontas: A (Pre)Teen and Two Johns

John Rolfe and Pocahontas

Here's Pop Culture's plot summary of SNL's 
"First Thanksgiving": 

A controversial Saturday Night Live skit on this weekend's show [11-23-19] ended with a kind of apology from host Will Ferrell, but fans were still upset by it. The sketch in question showed Ferrell, Melissa Villaseñor, Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen playing Native Americans. If that were not enough, the skit was about politics at Thanksgiving.

The skit was called "First Thanksgiving," and it was set in the 1600s. Villaseñor played Pocahontas, while Beck Bennett played John Smith — with a subtle nod to the fact that these real historical figures were about 12 and 30 years old respectively.

Here's the relevant dialogue from the skit:

(Fred Armisen): "So, John. Pocahontas tells us you're turning 30 soon."
John Smith: "Yup. Yeah. [In a] couple weeks."
(Maya Rudolp): "And you do know she's 12 - right?"
John Smith: "Yeah. I do. I do."

In a letter to Queen Anne of Great Britain, John Smith described Pocahontas as "a child of twelve or thirteen years of age". The skit gives one the impression that John Smith is attempting to marry Pocahontas, but the relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas was platonic.  

However, in 1614, (approximately) 17-year-old Pocahontas married John Rolfe - an approximately 30-year-old tobacco exporter.

Surprisingly, no one seemed to have a problem with John Smith courting a 12-year-old, but unsurprisingly, a lot of people seemed to have a problem with whites playing native Americans. 


Wednesday, November 27, 2019

DINKINSON: Teen Lipstick Lesbians, Twerking Nymphets & an Age-Gap Affair

Here's the plot summary for Dinkinson that's posted on Apple TV+: Hailee Steinfeld stars as Emily Dickinson. Poet. Daughter. Total rebel. In this coming-of-age story, Emily's determined to become the world's greatest poet. | 15+ Brilliant teen series is destined for immortality. 

To be become the world's greatest poet isn't the only thing Emily wants. For example, Emily wants to maintain a teen lipstick lesbian affair with her brother's fiancé and an affair with Benjamin Newton, her father's law clerk. And Emily enjoyed opium, which led to a house party with twerking nymphets. 

Dinkinson is based on the life of Emily Dinkinson. Per Emily Nussbaum's New Yorker review, Dinkinson's affair with her future sister-in-law "[...] is backed up by recent Dickinson scholarship [...]" And we related in The Allure of Nymphets from the Secret Lives of Great Authors, that Emily Dickinson purportedly had a much older secretive “Master”. It is not clear whom the older lover was, but it was between a Reverend, a newspaper editor, and a professor.

Intrigued, we took the subway to Times Square to take a picture of the Dinkinson billboard advertisement in Times Square. 

Lastly, Linda Maleh in her Forbes review of the teen show opined: "An Absurdist Tragicomedy, ‘Dickinson’ Is The Best Thing On Apple TV+"

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sally Field: Empowered by Sexually Abusive Yet Magical Step-Father

Sally Field: Approximately 12-Years-Old

Sally Field shared in her memoir, In Pieces, that her stepfather sexually abused her until she turned 14. 

Interestingly, Field shared that her step-father "could be magical" and that when he summoned her to his bedroom that made her feel "Power. This was power." 

Here's an excerpt from Dave Itzkoff's New York Times review of the memoir:

After Margaret Field filed for divorce from Sally’s father, Richard, in 1951, she got remarried in 1952 to Jock Mahoney, a stuntman and actor (“Tarzan Goes to India”) known by the nickname Jocko.

As Sally Field writes of Mr. Mahoney in her memoir, “It would have been so much easier if I’d only felt one thing, if Jocko had been nothing but cruel and frightening. But he wasn’t. He could be magical, the Pied Piper with our family as his entranced followers.”

He also frequently summoned Ms. Field to his bedroom alone. “I knew,” Ms. Field writes. “I felt both a child, helpless, and not a child. Powerful. This was power. And I owned it. But I wanted to be a child — and yet.” Ms. Field said her stepfather’s abuse of her stopped after she turned 14. Her mother divorced Mr. Mahoney in 1968, and he died in 1989.

Jock Mahoney, Sally's stepfather, with Sally's Mother (1955)

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Paul Gauguin: "An Artist Who Had Sex With Teenage Girls"

Farah Nayeri wrote in the New York Times Arts section article (November 18, 2019) "Is It Time Gauguin Got Canceled?: Museums are reassessing the legacy of an artist who had sex with teenage girls and called the Polynesian people he painted “savages.”":

“Is it time to stop looking at [Paul] Gauguin altogether?”

That’s the startling question visitors hear on the audio guide as they walk through the “Gauguin Portraits” exhibition at the National Gallery in London. The show, which runs through Jan. 26, [2019] focuses on Paul Gauguin’s depictions of himself, his friends and fellow artists, and of the children he fathered and the young girls he lived with in Tahiti.

The standout portrait in the exhibition is “Tehamana Has Many Parents” (1893). It pictures Gauguin’s teenage lover, holding a fan.

The artist “repeatedly entered into sexual relations with young girls, ‘marrying’ two of them and fathering children,” reads the wall text. “Gauguin undoubtedly exploited his position as a privileged Westerner to make the most of the sexual freedoms available to him.”

Born in Paris [...] He took up painting in his 20s, while working as a stockbroker, a profession he would soon give up — along with his wife and children — to make art full time. He set sail for Tahiti in 1891 [...] Gauguin spent most of the 12 remaining years of his life in Tahiti and on the French Polynesian island of Hiva Oa, cohabiting with adolescent girls, fathering more children, and producing his best-known paintings.

[Unsurprisingly] [i]n the international museum world, Gauguin is a box-office hit. There have been a half-dozen exhibitions of his work in the last few years alone, including important shows in Paris, Chicago and San Francisco.

Nine labels were changed to avoid culturally insensitive language, according to the museum’s press office [...] [For example] his “relationship with a young Tahitian woman” was changed to “his relationship with a 13- or 14-year-old Tahitian girl.”

[...] out of 2,313 feedback cards submitted by visitors at the Canadian exhibition, [only] about 50 were complaints about Gauguin and about the museum programming.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Xuzzle: Why Do Many Young Women Prefer Older Men?

Jennifer posted "Why do many young women prefer older men?" on Xuzzle (October 21, 2019) and related that for the longest time, age-gap relationships were restricted to celebrities but that Stafania G. has an (unnamed) website that connects non-celebrity age-gap couples.

Jennifer: Why do you think younger women are attracted to older men?

Stafania G.: I need one word to answer this questions: security. Older men have an aura of experience, they know what they want and they have the right amount of dominance that some younger women are looking for. Young women can really explore their womanhood for the first time with older men. Thereby, they might feel much more comfortable and less insecure. On the other hand, mature men can get back some of their youth and feel like the protector.

BIG MOUTH Season 2 | Missy: "A Filthy Little [Pre-Teen] Masturbator"

Season 2 of Big Mouth continues the series' "edgy" motifs where season 1 left off. 

Here are some of the raunchy lines that were spoken among the middle schoolers:

"Is it that you're 46 and she's 13?"

"Your older brothers make you eat cum crackers."
"My mom says that's how I get my nutrients."

"I'm gonna make this little boy's dick so hard!"

"She put a finger in your ass?"

"She's a horny spazz. You should jazz on her."
"Jizz on a spazz. Jazz."

"She's opening her mouth. Put your wiener in."

We'll highlight two motifs from season two: middle school masturbation and an incestuous age-gap relationship.

On episode 8 of season 2, Missy Foreman-Greenwald has a romantic dream about Mr. Fillion, a married man, which causes her to discover the joys of masturbating by using her favorite doll - Mr. Wiggles.

Subsequently, during a sleepover to see the lunar eclipse at Bridgeton Middle School, Missy is caught masturbating with Mr. Wiggles, which causes a classmate to refer to Missy as a "horny spazz". Subsequently, Missy is accused of killing Mr. Wiggles, who was, per The Shame Wizard, "Humped to death by a filthy little masturbator."

The Jansen Twins

And on episode 9 of season 2, Danke, of The Jansen Twins, shared that kissing Nick is, "[...] like for me to kiss my uncle [Bram]." And The Jansen Twins implied that uncle Bram pays them to masturbate.

Interestingly, season 2 of Big Mouth got a whopping 100% critics rating and an above average  81% user rating.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Nymphet Commits Suicide Over Not Being Able to Reunite w/ "Older Man"

Snejana Farberov reported for the Daily Mail [16 October 2019] that 15-year-old Leticia Serrano, a high-achieving student at Marshall Middle School, committed suicide, because she wasn't allowed to reunite with an "older man".

The "older man" allegedly drugged the nymphet, pulled her into a sex trafficking ring when she was 13-years-old, and got her addicted to drugs - all within three days. 

Mariano Serrano, the nymphet's father, believes that his daughter could not bear to be apart from the older man. Serrano shared, "She wanted to be with him,' he said. 'But she also didn't want to hurt her family."

One could infer that the nymphet and the "older man" were having an affair prior to the alleged drugging and abduction, because it's inconceivable that Leticia would have desired to commit suicide over not being able to reunite with someone she only spent three days with, but it is conceivable that a high-achieving nymphet would have an age-gap affair, because based on our research, in fiction and non-fiction, high-achieving coeds are often uninhibited when it comes to acting on their attraction to older men

Flavio Briatore (69): From Naomi Campbell & Heidi Klum to Benedetta Bosi (20)

Flavio Briatore (69)  & Benedetta Bosi (20)

We indirectly learned about Flavio Briatore, an infamous Italian businessman, via the Who? Weekly podcast that directed us to the Crazy Days and Nights blog, which posted that there is a connection between Briatore, Heidi Klum and Jeffrey Epstein

One of the connections between Briatore and Epstein is that Briatore's name is circled in Epstein's black book. And a Google search revealed that the Daily Mail reported that while Briatore was engaged to former supermodel Naomi Campbell,  Briatore and Campbell were photographed with Virginia Roberts - one of Epstein's alleged teen sex slaves.

Briatore, Campbell & Virginia Roberts

Soon after Briatore and Campbell separated in 2003, Briatore impregnated former supermodel Heidi Klum. And most recently, 69-year-old Briatore was connected to 20-year-old Benedetta Bosi. 

On November 06, 2019, TGCom 24 reported that Chi, an Italian tabloid, published pictures of Briatore and Bosi vacationing in Malindi. 

When someone asked Bosi on Instagram: "Come puoi stare con uno che potrebbe esserti nonno?" [How can you be with someone who could be your grandfather?]

Bosi replied: "I'intellegenza non invecchia mai" [Intelligence never gets old"]

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Celebrity Age-Gap Couples: Dennis Quaid (65) & Laura Savoie (26) | David Foster (70) & Katherine Foster (35)

We typically profile nymphets, but we cover celebrity age-gap couples even if the young woman isn't a nymphet. Coincidentally, while we were recently perusing the Daily Mail app, we came upon not one but two celebrity age-gap couples.

Justin Enriquez and Annita Katee reported that 65-year-old Dennis Quaid, the star of the new Netflix sitcom Merry Happy Whatever, shared that he will marry 26-year-old Laura Savoie. 

Enriquez and Katee wrote: "The bride-to-be hails from St. Louis, Missouri, and is expected to graduate with her PhD from the University of Texas in Austin in 2021. "

And Bobbie Whiteman reported for the the Daily Mail that 35-year-old Katherine Foster, of American Idol fame, recently celebrated the 70th birthday of her husband, the prodigious music producer David Foster, in Mexico.

Whiteman wrote that Katherine shared on her Instagram that she actually met Foster when she was 22.

David Foster (70) &  Katherine Foster (35)

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Famous Ephebophile: Peter Cook | Part Two

UPDATE: Emily Smith reported for Page Six (November 13, 2019) that Peter Cook allegedly lied about his fiancée's age. Sources relate that Alba Jancou is 20, which would mean that Cook met Jancou when she was an 18-year-old nymphet.

We posted a previous post about 47-year-old Peter Cook who had an affair in 2006 while he was married to former supermodel Christie Brinkley with 18-year-old Diana Bianchi .

The Daily Mail and Page Six reported yesterday that 60-year-old Cook announced his engagement to Alba Jancou, his 21-year-old "soulmate".

Page Six's Emily Smith, Ian Mohr and Mara Siegler shared the age-gap couple met when Jancou was 19:

A source said of Cook and Jancou: “They originally met two years ago at Le Bilboquet, but didn’t start dating until a year ago. They are planning a destination wedding in Europe.”

We’re told the bride-to-be, a psychology student in New York, is “Swiss, French and English” and “attended a prestigious English private boarding school” called Millfield. Her parents are prominent New York art gallerists: mom Tanya Bonakdar, 53, and father Marc Jancou, 51, according to public records.

Peter Cook & Zoey Tess

But, prior to meeting his 'soulmate', Page Six reported in 2017 that Cook: "[...] was pictured snuggling up to a college sophomore, a 21-year-old aspiring singer named Zoey Tess, in three now-deleted Instagram and Snapchat pics from a date in East Hampton on Tuesday."

Sunday, October 27, 2019


This photo was surprisingly posted on Reddit's r/trashy. Reddit is typically quick to delete any posts or accounts that deal with nympholepsy. 

In the photo, a man, while attending a Renaissance festival, shares via a sticker on his coffee mug that, unlike Bernie Sanders, he doesn't give a "FUCK" about legalizing marijuana. However, he wants to amend age-of-consent laws and "LEGALIZE 16YR OLD'S..."

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Marie Howe's "Practicing": Pre-Teen Lipstick Lesbians in THE NEW YORKER

In preparation for a post, we're reading Sharon Lamb's The Secret Lives of Girls: What Good Girls Really Do--Sex Play, Aggression, and Their Guilt. Lamb writes that the purpose of The Secret Lives of Girls is to: 

"[...] to expose all of these acts that are going on in secrecy so that girls and women can feel less guilty about their sexual desires as well as their aggressive impulses, can learn to accept these as part of themselves and still love and honor themselves for them."

To give an example of what some girls do in secrecy, Lamb shared Marie Howe's poem "Practicing". But before sharing the poem, Lamb wrote:

Marie Howe [a State Poet for New York and National Endowment for the Arts and Guggenheim Fellow], in her poem "Practicing" [...], writes of the power of the erotic, even in seventh-grade girls. In this poem, [...] we learn that what might have been called "practicing" was more than "just" practice. In somebody's "parents' house," [...] there are some things that go unsaid. And what remains unsaid is not a story of lesbian romance [...] It is a story of girls' bodies and girls' pleasure, their sense of power in that pleasure, a story rarely told [...]

by Marie Howe

I want to write a love poem for the girls I kissed in seventh grade,
a song for what we did on the floor in the basement

of somebody’s parents’ house, a hymn for what we didn’t say but thought:
That feels good or I like that, when we learned how to open each other’s mouths

how to move our tongues to make somebody moan. We called it practicing, and
one was the boy, and we paired off—maybe six or eight girls—and turned out

the lights and kissed and kissed until we were stoned on kisses, and lifted our
nightgowns or let the straps drop, and, Now you be the boy:

concrete floor, sleeping bag or couch, playroom, game room, train room, laundry.
Linda’s basement was like a boat with booths and portholes

instead of windows. Gloria’s father had a bar downstairs with stools that spun,
plush carpeting. We kissed each other’s throats.

We sucked each other’s breasts, and we left marks, and never spoke of it upstairs
outdoors, in daylight, not once. We did it, and it was

practicing, and slept, sprawled so our legs still locked or crossed, a hand still lost
in someone’s hair . . . and we grew up and hardly mentioned who

the first kiss really was—a girl like us, still sticky with moisturizer we’d
shared in the bathroom. I want to write a song

for that thick silence in the dark, and the first pure thrill of unreluctant desire,
just before we’d made ourselves stop.

Interestingly, "Practicing" was published in the August 25, 1997 issue of The New Yorker.