Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Treat a Nymphet as an Adult

I used the French film La Petite Voleuse [English: The Little Thief (1988)] as an example of how once a girl reaches puberty she has the potential to have a crush on a much older man. For example, sixteen-year-old green eyed baby faced Janine told her forty-three-year-old lover that, “The most I ever loved was when I was nine. With a kraut [German soldier] at Nazi HQ. He had nice hair and a gentle voice. I think he was hot for my mom. He said I was exceptional. No guy after that believed in me.” I gave a number of other examples of this phenomenon in The Allure of Nymphets from actress Elizabeth Taylor to author Barbara Gordon

The dialogue in the screenshots below exemplify how important it is for an ephebophile to treat a nymphet as an adult and not a child, which makes sense when one understands the fact that childhood is a relatively recent invention

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